View Full Version : Toilet flapper gets stuck open

Ian Gills
08-16-2007, 02:33 PM
On my new American Standard Cadet 3, the toilet flapper occassionally gets stuck open after a flush.

After lots of research, I have found that this happens when the piece of metal attaching the chain to the flapper (as seen in the picture of a flapper with a similar attachment to mine) gets stuck and angles itself to prevent the flapper from closing.

What can I replace this with? I think a small key ring would do the trick.

A standard flapper, not a Cadet 3 flapper

Or I could loosen the chain, but then risk weak flushing with the flapper snapping shut with less than a full flush unless the handle is really cranked and held open.

08-16-2007, 05:04 PM
You want to make sure you have a little slack in the chain.
The flapper on the Cadet 3 is a timed flapper.
You don't need to hold the handle down. It will raise for a little bit and drop.
Just a little water leave the tank, that is normal.
They don't make tanks that drain completely anymore with the 1.6 gallon standard.
It may be, that because you are holding the handle down, you are turning the handle in the square hole, and changing the position of the handle.