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08-10-2007, 09:00 AM
Got this in a PM and wanted to post it here as it might help others.

With you permission I would like to post this in a new thread.
In that picture that I took earlier this week, there were the two other switches in that box. One ran the power for the light on the ceiling fan, and the other ran the power to the motor of the fan. My plan is to add 4 50watt halogen recessed lights in this room. I want to do this by buying an ceiling fan that does not have a light on it, and using the switch that normally controlled the lights on the fan to control the new recessed lights. I was wondering if you thought this was possible and if that is too many lights on one switch. I removed the ceiling fan last night and there is a black wire, white wire, red wire, and ground in the ceiling fan box. If you think I need to hire an electrician for this let me know, but I already have cut the holes and run the wire, I just want to make sure this is going to work and be safe. Thanks again for you time. Take care, Danny Take the cable for the new lights to the box for the fan and connect the bares all together. All the whites will go together and the black from the lights will land on either the black or red and the new fan will land on the other. All will be fine as long as there is enough room in the fan box for all these conductors.