View Full Version : TOTO ULTRAMAX fills back up slowly

08-06-2007, 07:41 PM
We have 4 new TOTO ULTRAMAX toilets....3 of 4 work very well....one works well but takes 1-2 minutes to fill the tank back up to flush again....the amount of water flowing from blue cap through black line is minimal...

any suggestions?

thanks in advance...


08-06-2007, 08:26 PM
First thing is to make sure the shutoff is fully open. You might take the hose off the filler, (shut the supply off first!), then try directing it into the toilet or a bucket to see if the shutoff and line has some crud in it. If that works, then pop the cover off of the filler, take the float out, take off the cap and lift out the strainer. If you go to the www.korky.com (http://www.korky.com) website, they have a picture and instructions...you might have some crud in the valve. Once you flush it out, it should work fine.