View Full Version : Dual Shower Head Installation - Moentrol?

07-23-2007, 01:42 AM
What a great site. I am currently remodeling my bathroom (formerly pinnk tile, black bullnose).

Doing pretty well thus far. I can handle general plumbing techniques (sweating, cutting, waste, etc.), and have remodeled about ten bathrooms over the years.

For this one, I plan to install a dual shower head system in a stand up three wall alcove. Fairly standard layout.

I read, in another thread, good advice from clayton that almost answers my question. He recommended the Moentrol pressure control valve with two ports - giving me the solution of using A, B, or A and B shower heads at the same time.


However, he warns that there might be pressure issues. How can I check to see if I have enough H2O pressure to satisy the needs for the two shower head system?

Keep in mind that since plumbing is not my "gig", I probably don''t have access to specialized tools, etc. Perhaps a suggestion: can it be rented, etc. would help.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this. I would hate to go all the way through the project, and find out after the fact that the boss' (my wife) dream shower won't work.


07-23-2007, 06:16 AM
Many of the manufacturers suggest running multiple showerheads via a loop rather than single ended. That way, the pressure will be the same at both (all). Two heads shouldn't be more than 5 gpm. Most valves can supply that unless your feed lines are old and corroded (like galvanized lines). You might pick up a pressure gauge...around $10 that you can screw onto a hose bib to check your static pressure. Unless you are one a well, it is probably okay.

07-23-2007, 02:14 PM
Thanks for both replies, Jim.

For the swanstone, I am firring out the backerboard for ease of "dropping in" the pan.

Also did a "reality" test with a water jug and open line, flows at about 6 GPM, so I will probably be OK.