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06-30-2007, 08:21 AM
Hey All,

I have found what I believe to be improper bonding on the pool at our new house. The pool pad subpanel is connected to a ground rod near the pump AND the house main panel (isn't this incorrect?) The pump has two large green ground wire connected on the case...one appears to go to the pump pad on which it sits and the other snakes off in the direction of the pool. The pump itself is grounded through the cord (220v).

Here is the problem...I was following the green wire heading out towards the pool and pulling it out of the mulch as I went (it wasn't really buried...only an inch under the surface) when about 5 feet from the pool, it just stopped. It doesn't look severed like from a shovel, etc, but a clean beveled cut...as if it never really did go any farther. I have dug around trying to see if I can find the other end, but it appears there isnt one. SO...the pump isn't bonded to the pool. This is an old pool (the CO says 1983) so how would I go about connecting to the grid (if any) after the fact? Should I be looking for a piece of rebar to clamp on to? How do you test to see if your bonding is actually working?

To date we have no issues (no tingling on pool ladders, etc) although the 220 GFI test button doesn't trip when pushed...which may or may not be related.

Any bonding tips short of ripping it all out?

Bob NH
06-30-2007, 09:11 PM
If the Test Button doesn't trip the GFI breaker then the breaker is either defective or not properly connected. That should be fixed immediately because it is the only thing you can count on to save you if you become the substitute for a proper grounding system. A properly installed GFI should trip when the test button is pushed no matter what else exists in the system.

Electrical items and metal parts larger than 4" in any dimension(680.26(B)), or that penetrate more than 1" into the pool shell, that are within 5 ft horizontally or 12 ft vertically above the pool should be connected with a #8 solid copper conductor, insulated or bare(680.26(C)). It is not required to be connected to the grounding system of the supply (See 680.26(A) Fine Print Note). However, if equipment such as a pump motor is properly grounded, and is properly connected to the "grid", then that equipment will all be tied to the system equipment ground.

If you have no grid but connect the metal parts, then I would not tear up concrete.