View Full Version : Push-Pull Bathtub Stopper

06-26-2007, 02:15 PM
I've got a bathtub that's draining slow - about 7 years old. It uses a Watco push-pull stopper, and as a first shot, I'd like to check the strainer under the stopper. The knurled knob on top of the stopper unscrewed easily. From some other instructions I found, I expected to find a screw beneath the knob which would allow me to remove the stopper assembly.

Instead, there's a square metal shaft, with what appears to be a tiny (really tiny) phillips screw at the bottom. My jeweler's tools are either too large for the screw slots or too short to reach the bottom.

Am I going at this the wrong way, or is the next step really to remove that teeny screw? Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated.