View Full Version : Delta 1400 shower/tub faucet leak

06-24-2007, 06:31 AM
We have a slow and steady leak in our tub faucet. We have a Delta 1400 setup. Does anyone know what the cause may be from, and how to repair it? We were able to get the housing off to the brass fixture and turn the water off from behind this area, but do not know what to do from there.
Any suggestions or help? Please!

06-24-2007, 07:03 AM

This diagram may be newer than yours. The part you have to be careful of is removing the bonnet. Older bodies had 3 thin tubes connecting the cartridge housing to the manifold body. If you twisted that too hard, you broke the tubes.

Use some PB blaster on the bonnet, tap on it, possible heat it with a heat gun, etc. If it is stuck, consider cutting it with a small hacksaw blade, being careful not to damage the underlying threads.

All the parts inside are readily available at a plumbing supply store ( usually not the home stores)

06-24-2007, 07:42 AM
Thank you.

We have gotten as far as to remove the Bonnet and have realized we need to rpl the seats and springs. Do you know how the cap assy can be removed to get to those parts? We are afraid that if we turn too hard it will break a pipe, but we are not sure how that cap assy. can be removed to get to seats and springs.

CAP ASSY. gets extremely HOT. We are afraid to remove in fear that hot water blast will occur. Am I right to think we turn the cap assy, counterclowise until off? Should we have a concern about the extreme heat from the cap assy? Why is it so hot?

thank you.

06-24-2007, 02:44 PM
The main water supply to the house should be OFF before you take this apart. It should only be hot if you have been running hot water through it. If you have the screwdriver stops as shown in this picture, and the faucets contiunues to run, then the stops are leaking by. You will need to turn off the main.

Does your valve body look like the picture, or do you have the 3 small tubes between the cartridge body and the manifold body? If so, you do need to be cautious about twisting too hard. Use the techniques mentioned previously.