View Full Version : Swanstone Shell Shower -- any opinions?

02-22-2005, 09:19 AM
Swanstone's shell shower is back!!! ;)

I've been interested in the shell shower ever since I read about it in Don Aslett's "Make your house do the housework" book as the low-maintenance Nirvana of showers. It had been discontinued for years, but now they're back in production. The hitch is that they cost $1986, a bit pricey compared to other shower inserts.

Here's our situation:

We're in a house now that we intend to keep for about 5 years. Then we plan to move to our undeveloped farm land in Kentucky, build our dream home and garden and hobby farm for the rest of our lives. We really want to build the dream home right. The current house is direly in need of some remodelling. Both bathrooms have plumbing and moisture issues. Cost and resale value are always a consideration.

Do we buy and install the shell shower here?


Get to try it before designing into dream house
Might make our life much better now. Don Aslett says the shower's "smooth, seamless interior is a cinch to care for." I have allergies to mold and the current shower has so many seams it can't be cleaned.


Price is high!
Might not get anywhere a return on the sale
Physical footprint is big--shower is 4 8 1/2W x 3 4 1/4D; current bathroom is 5' 2" x 9' 2"

Has anyone had experience with the shell shower? Would you consider installing one in a home you don't intend to keep? I guess a remote possibility if we did like it and they discontinued it again would be to take it with us, but that wouldn't be my first choice...

Oh, a link to a description of the shower is here: http://www.swanstone.com/products/showerWallsFloors/shellshower/index.php