View Full Version : Toilet Repair of PVC Flange

06-14-2007, 06:52 PM
I'm not a plumber but do pretty well with most plumbing tasks. I have replaced at least 8 toilets in the past 3 years and countless wax seals. But this is the first time I faced a new design. Previous to this instance, all the toilets I replaced or repaired were in homes that were older than 15 years. It was all pipe work - metal - steel - cast iron - you know - "real plumber stuff." The other day I went to replace a toilet that was described to me as rocking back and forth. The home was about 10 years old. I knew it could only be a few things: broken flange, broken bolts or broken sub-floor. I hoped for the bolts but would settle for the flange. If it was the floor I would have to say: call a licensed plumber. It turned out to be the flange. However, everything was PVC - the flange, the drain pipe, etc., so everything was glued below the sub floor. The flange was broken on two sides where the bolts are held in place. I was stumped. I could not remove the old PVC flange. I tried making a small cut with a hack saw to see if that was the "fix", but it was clear after a 1/4 inch cut that it wasn't, so I patched the small cut and stopped. What I wound up doing was using a metal flange repair kit and fitting it to the broken PVC flange. It worked - quite well actually.

But my question is how do you repair a broken PVC Flange other than the way I did? What if the piece I used did not fit properly - then what?