View Full Version : Hunter SRR Remote Failure??

06-03-2007, 08:06 PM
I've got a Hunter Pro C controller with an SRR remote. It has worked flawlessly since install in '03. After using the remote a couple of times this spring, it quit working. TRied resetting the address - no help.When I plug in to reset, I do get the proper 4 beeps, but nothing after I hit a button on the transmitter. If I plug in the receiver without pressing the reset button, I get the normal 2 beeps. A couple of the resistors on the receiver get warm, is this normal?? Any source of parts or other defective units?? Any info on what the transmitted signal shoud be?

Only other thing I noticed is that when the receiver is plugged in, one or 2 'r's will show on the display. Is this an error message???

Many thanks in advance