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05-16-2007, 07:52 AM
I searched the forums for this particular problem and didn't see this exact issue:

I was just about to install a Toto Ultramax and I measured from the wall to the centre of the mounting bolts on the existing toilet. THe distance is 11 inches.

The Ultramax spec sheet indicates a 12 inch rough in (measured from the wall to cetre of mounting bolts). Does this preclude me from getting an Ultramax?

Alternatively, if I go to the Soiree or Carlyle they appear to have an adjustable distance from 10 inches to 14 inches - would that make the install easier?

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance.

05-16-2007, 08:06 AM
Most toilets have a space behind them to the wall. Each one is different. 11" is probably too close, but you should be able to find the spec sheet on the Toto website. I think, but don't quote me, that that model normally has 0.75" behind it on a normal 12" rough, so you are 1/4" short. Sometimes there is enough slop where you can gain that, sometimes you can't.

05-16-2007, 08:07 AM
The specs allow for aprox 1" behind when set at 12"
That means that 11" should work. I've set them at 11" before.
You can also move the closet bolts out 1/4"

The Soiree and the Carlyle with the 10" Unift could even be installed with 9.25"

05-18-2007, 12:35 PM
Thanks for the comments. I got the Ultramax and did a dry-fit and it fits with a 1/4" to spare.