View Full Version : Converting old 2-faucet to single faucet on tub/shower

02-17-2005, 09:45 PM

Hi, I want to convert our old 3-handle tub/shower faucet to a newer single-handle unit. One handle is for hot, one for cold, and the middle one diverts the water to the shower or tub.

The wall behind the tub is tiles with sheetrock behind the tiles. Becuase the faucets leak I've already removed some of the tiles and the sheetrock where the valve is located.

It seems like I need to simply disassemble the old 3-handle unit and sweat in the new valve. Am I taking on more than can be done? The original is an old Gerber unit, the new one is a Delta. It comes with a new tub spout with diverter, and the new valve and control.

THanks for your help!...Bill H.

02-17-2005, 11:47 PM
Remove the old valve and sweat the new one in. Be sure to disassemble the new valve before hitting it with the torch to avoid melting the inner works into a big wad of goo. While you've got the wall open, make sure the waterlines are anchored and not just flopping in the breeze (something I see quite often).