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05-06-2007, 01:04 PM
I am new to this site and it seems really informative and can't wait to read a ton of threads, but in the meantime maybe someone can help me out here. I have a 3 zone irrigation sprinkler system that was installed maybe 15 years at my fathers house, where i recently moved in after my mother's death. I went to turn it on for the season and the wires we're pulled out from the control box in our basement. the unit is a water master 57116, there is a red, green, blue and white wire, along with 2 power wires plugged into the wall. the white and red wires were out and i replaced them with the white in the com slot, the other 3 wires are in zones 1-3. the unit is easy enough to program, but i cannot get the sprinklers to come up or the system to start. i was playing around with it today at 2:00 pm and set it to go on at 2:10 pm and waited, 2:10 came the unit flashed 25 minutes(the duration i set it to) and i went outside to see and NOTHING! i am lost here, someone please help! i checked outside in the underground box and everything seems fine, all wires are connected and whatnot, the water is on and the system was working last year.

05-06-2007, 05:04 PM
sorry for answering my own question, but as i said i was new to this stuff. there is a valve next to my water spigot outside with a valve on it with bleed screws, this was off and the bleed screws were open from someone flushing the system last year, i closed the screws, opened the valve and voila! I had sprinklers! only 2 of the 3 zones is working though, i tried all differant combos, but still only 2 zones, is there a solenoid outside in the underground box or something? i have 2 front yards and a side yard, the side yard is'nt visible anyways, so i used the 2 working zones for the 2 front yards and can live without a side yard sprinkler for a while.