View Full Version : Stubborn shower removal

04-21-2007, 08:39 AM
I am Remodeling an old bathroom (1973 home with cast iron drain piping, and well/septic system) and trying to remove a 2 piece shower. I'm familiar with the rubber boot/seal normally used, but this drain appears to have a copper shower sleeve that fit over the drain pipe, then hot lead or solder was poured in to create the seal. This setup is rock solid! Is there any way it can be removed easily? I'm trying to save the shower because there is a local website that recycles items to people in need, and several people want it... I also have to bust up the floor for moving the toilet; will a circular saw/masonry blade work ok, or would it be easier to rent a portable concrete saw?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

FYI for you readers; I purchased a small metal bit for my roto zip attachment which actually cut through the brass ring... It worked great! Now the shower is out and I'm on to breaking up the concrete.