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04-19-2007, 07:32 PM
I havebeen learning of the really harmful effects of Pressure treated wood containing CCA, (aka. arsenic). It is said to last over 20 years and absorbs easily into a childs skin. So where might one buy wood that is safe? I heard of some called ACQ pressure treated pine but am not sure where to find it. Anyone up on this topic that can maybe help with some insight?

04-19-2007, 07:51 PM
I believe all retail lumber distributors no longer stock CCA lumber. They have switched to the safer types. The lumber will be well labeled, and even the newer types I imagine one should limit exposure by wearing gloves and dust mask during construction.

04-20-2007, 08:08 AM
Check out this site; www.sutherlands.com

It specifies what kind of fasteners you need to use, and has links to more info.


04-20-2007, 03:39 PM
I did an article on it once, mostly the concern was the wood being used in the playground equipment. Kids breathing the effects of it, running their hands over it, putting their mouths on it. Also, alot of the mulch that is used, is being restricted on playground use as well. Tests have shown, that some mulch, carry bacteria, which can cause illness when the kids' barefeet goes in it, hands with small cuts play it in, and again, breathing it. Along with as well, some playgrounds were used prior for chemical dumping grounds.