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04-14-2007, 11:37 PM
Hello all!

New poster here.. this site looks very informative!

My wife and I are remodelling a new home we bought out in the hill country and I have been feelin pretty crafty and thought changing out our tub faucets and handles would be an easy task :) Its a 2 handle assembly.. hot and cold knobs.

I was wrong... We ordered some rustic looking spout/handle/shower nozzle set on **** and thought it would be a cosmetic job. Upon receiving the new kit in the mail, when I opened it I noticed it came with a whole new pipe assembly for the two handle controls.. I dont know the technical term, but its the pipe that diverts the water to the hot and cold knobs behind the wall. This shocked me as I thought it just came with some new handles that would bolt on the existing valve system that is there.

So for the hell of it I dismantled the old knobs to see if the new handles would fit on easily.. nope. Nothing from the new kit fits on anything on the old piping that comes out of the wall in the tub. My faucets in the new place are less than 10 years old and are pretty standard fare looking stuff. But nothing matched up. It seems I will have to attach the whole new piping it came with which would mean busting out part of the wall to be able to replace the old one. I am not at all experienced or knowledgable enough to do this sort of work so I was soooo bummed out. I suck...

Just wanted to know if anyone had any tips for a newb like me.. Is there a way to get this installed without having to dig into the wall? And if not, what kind of "average" rates would a plumber charge to get something like this done? Install a new faucet basically..

Thanks in advance, I really need some help! :eek:

04-15-2007, 06:42 AM
As you now know, trim ( handles, etc) for faucets and showers are not generic at all, but rather are specific parts for a particular brand and model. They cannot be "mix and match". Your first alternative is to identify the present brand and model, then go to that website, or to a plumbing supplier, and see what trims are currently available. Based on the description of what you ordered, you will NOT find anything like that to retrofit to an old shower. At best, you may be able to change over to a newer brush nickle finish, or if it is a very common brand, you might even find a venetian bronze.

The best...not easiest....alternative, is to open the wall up, preferably from the back side, and install a new valve set. Most of us would recommend against that set you bought if it does not have a big name on it. If it is not Kohler, Moen, Delta, Price Pfister, Symmons......then you will have serious difficulty down the line getting repair parts.

04-15-2007, 08:27 AM
Thx Jimbo.. You really hit me with a dose of reality.. I am now $100 poorer cause I doubt the seller on e-bay will let me return them just cause I don't know what I am doing. They come from California, but its obvious he gets them directly from China as there was a Chinese newspaper in it for padding.

Any clever wording I can use to make it sound less like my fault so he will let me return it? =P Hehe.. (I'm serious!)

I am definitely going to take your advice and stick with name brands IF I even do anything with it. If I can't get my money back, those faucets aren't getting updated heh.

Thx again Jimbo, very helpful.

04-15-2007, 09:18 AM
I looked at my current faucet/shower handles and nozzle.. It is a Moen, 2 handle model.. The only numbers I could see were ones on the handles which were "31119" and a number on the shower nozzle "A.112.18.1M". Could anyone out ther point me to replacement parts for these? Again, looking for something antique-ish. :) I looked on the website but don't know what is compatible.

If you need a pic of my faucets, I can get one. Again, they are less than 10 years old and extremely generic looking. A lot like these (although this link has a lot nicer shower nozzle): http://www.moen.com/browsecatalog/productcatalog/product_information.cfm?skurefno=262046

I really appreciate any help :o

04-15-2007, 09:42 AM
Well, there is good news and.......

You have a very widely used brand and model. The two handle Moens have been around a long while, and the parts have not changed, so are still readily available and not expensive. Here is an example of another style which you could change yours to : http://www.moen.com/browsecatalog/productcatalog/configurator.cfm?skurefno=262802

On the other hand, because two handle non-pressure balanced are no longer allowed for new construction and remodel in many areas, they are much less common, and not so many options are available. Moen is producing another line of 2 handles on what they call the 9400 M-pact common rough valve. More styles are available here, but I do not think M-pact series trim will install on yours. But it is worth asking Moen that question....1-800-BUY MOEN. They will be helpful, and possibly could send you some brochures or refer you to somewhere locally that has a Moen showroom display.

In summary, you will certainly be able to keep that shower working in like-new condition for years to come, and you will be able to freshen up the style and trim, but not necessarily to the designer look you had in mind. It should serve you well until you are ready for a complete bathroom redo.

04-15-2007, 07:31 PM
Man.. thx Jimbo! You are a savior! I will use all the advice you have given me and thanks for the link, tho we are looking for something much more antique. Which leads me to one more question :) Are there such things like faucet paints? Basically, everything in the bathroom is oil rubbed bronze finish except for the bathtub faucet. We would be happy with the existing faucets if I could just get them to a similar look.

You have been very helpful and would just like to thank you. Your advice has saved me from much aggrivation. :)

04-16-2007, 07:04 AM
Paint, no. But if you are in or near any reasonable size city, there is probably an electroplating shop. You could probably have a new finish put on your trim, not for cheap, but for less than ripping out the wall in your tub. Check your yellow pages.

You can buy a venetian bronze tub spout. Spouts are not specific to the shower valve, just get either a screw on or probably a slip on to replace your Moen. You can also buy shower heads. Then just get the handles and escutcheons plated.

04-16-2007, 08:15 AM
Once again.. thx Jimbo :D You have really helped me out a lot.