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04-14-2007, 07:23 AM
Hi, and great forum...

Advice on the following is appreciated:

Situation is a master bath remodel on first floor. The new bath will have a contemporary/spa look with clean lines. I'm female, and am newly, partly but progressively disabled with dystrophy, and am overweight as well. My mate is taller than me, but he's pretty ordinary otherwise (don't quote me). Assuming I've got a 12" rough-in when they start demo-ing and all's right with the world, I'm interested in a Toto toilet with gmax, sanagloss, elongated, with comfort height. Esp looking at the Drake and Ultramax models. I'm also interested in feedback on the Washlets, maybe the Chloe.

Other than general feedback, have a couple of questions/concerns:

1. Does the ADA Ultramax elongated come in a SanaGloss? If so, does it have the glazed trapway? IOW, if you have a SanaGloss model, do you automatically have the glazed trapway?

2. Of the Toto toilets, do any of the ADA height elongated bowls tend to tip to the front if you are overweight? I want something esp stable.

3. Are the seat attaching bolts strong, to avoid lateral movement if you approach getting on them from the side? I haven't been disabled that long, so I'm still new at all this. What about if I go with a Washlet seat?

4. I'm not tall (5' 4"). I sat on a Drake ADA that seemed an ok height though (or was it a comfort height--is that different from an ADA?). But if I get a Washlet seat, will that add too much height to the already taller ADA for me? Would the Washlet be harder to get onto, with dangling feet? I have nerve problems under my legs, so am sensitive to undo pressure against my thighs.

5. I live in Georgia, in a house built in 1979, on a concrete slab. Is there any reason any of that would factor into my choice of toilets (esp the slab part)? Wondering also if plumbers are ok with installing Totos? I read their USA plant is in Morrow, Ga, and I live in a booming home-building/remodeling area with $300000 to million dollar plus homes (um, that's not us, though!), so I hoped the Toto might be familarish?

Any issues you'd like to bring up I haven't thought of would be much appreciated as well.

04-14-2007, 09:31 AM
It's hard to say when it comes to weight.

Most of the Toto toilets have a long base, to spread the weight out.
I would think the seat itself would be most of the problem.
Though the Chloe washlet seems pretty sturdy to me.
It raises the seat a abit from a standard seat.

Most all new toilets have glazed trapways.

It' hard to find the taller bowls with Sanagloss.
There are two new ones, the Guinevere and the Soiree.
They are comfort height with Sanagloss, one piece, elongated with the new double cyclone flush, think G-Max with a circular rinse.

I haven't seen the Drake in both ADA and Sanagloss.
They tell me if I order 100 bowls, and I can get it that way.
100 SG Bowls is a little too much for me to carry though.

I do sell plenty of the standard elongated SG bowls.

Installation should not be an issue. I have plenty of homeowners and plumbers that just drop them in.

04-15-2007, 12:55 PM
Yeah, I can't take 100 off your hands sry. Given that, I think I'll go with the Toto Ultramax in Elongated, with Sanagloss, Cotton white, and use a Washlet on top. Given my restricted stature, that might do fine. I need to go check out if the Washlet comes in both round and elongated--I assume so.

Now I just need to talk SO into putting a Toto in the front powder room as well. I use that one about as much as the back bedroom one, and while we've got the plumber here, why not.


04-15-2007, 05:25 PM
The Washlet comes in round or elongated


04-16-2007, 01:04 AM
Just a suggestion maybe, having installed a bar on the wall, you can hold onto?

*Might want to think about installing one in the bathtub area as well, while the plumber is there. That way might help eliminate some worries for you.
Also, in case you don't know, there are bathtubs out there that you don't have to step up and over to get in, there is a door that swings open, and all you do is walk in it. Such a nice item.

04-16-2007, 01:00 PM
I would like that, but toilet won't be near a side wall. What I've done to phase in Universal access is to take out a 70's wet bar from the living room side that juts into the bathroom a goodly ways (a moment of silence, please, for it....). This not only makes the room much more spacious-looking, but opens up the space beside the toilet totally, and in front of my side of the vanity near the door--enough to turn a wheelchair in future, sigh, if necessary. Also making that vanity ADA access on that side. Then right now we'll use that big space for a free-standing linen closet made by the cabinetmaker doing the vanity. If need be, in future can just set the linen cabinet around the corner in the bedroom to make room for wheelchair approach to toilet/vanity. Also enlarging door opening and putting in a pocket door while at it.

Definitely yes, I'm putting in bars in/near shower. Also in future, they'll be enough clear space around toilet to put one of the kind of bar thingies that's free-standing on both sides that I've seen on ADA websites. Though I'm wondering if I don't want some kind of low halfwall left beside the toilet, for adding a bar on, and a better place to put toilet paper, and for a little privacy, as that is a straight shot view into bedroom door? I'm not sure how much of a chair turn radius that'd eat into. Let me see if I can add an attachment with a layout drawing later..

Thanks for the suggestions, appreciate it. :)

ps I'm looking at the Toto Soiree toilet now, too. I like the base--it looks fairly wide and stable, and it's ADA height, with Sanagloss, and the design is clean enough for me. Seem to be hearing good things re the cyclone type of flush. And I really like Toto's single lav faucet in Soiree suite; it's a contender.

04-16-2007, 09:54 PM
Just in case you don't RO, there are many different sizes to wheelchairs. You could easily get a smaller one, for use in smaller spaces, bathrooms, movies, restaurants, etc. They are much more lightweight, not sure if that would be a problem for you, if need be. But, they are alot easier for putting in a car. As long as you can lean forward, and not put so much of your weight backwards or leaning on the sides, it should be fine; but, only you could tell for sure. I would try, if need be someday. The heavier chairs are good for watching tv in, leaning back in, snoozing in, etc.

Also, RO, in my neck of the woods, there is a Yahoo Recyling site, where alot of wheelchairs are given away for free, and alot of things to make things easier for people with special needs.

The official website is www.freecycle.org (http://www.freecycle.org)

*I kind of created a little something for the bottom of the wheelchair for the foot pedals. It is easy if you sew, make a pillow that fits around the foot thingie. That way, you won't if need be someday, not always have to wear shoes, or slippers. It is nice and comfty on your feet. And, when you go out, they slip right back off, and can easily be handwashed. I am also, very sorry to hear about your health problems, try to keep your chin up.