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04-01-2007, 11:14 AM
I want a water feature.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about them.

Oh yeah...
I know the broad strokes...

You dig a hole, put in the tub, set up the hoses, plug it in and turn it on. After filling it of course.

But that doesn't tell me anything about what brands/models are good or bad or any of the other bits of knowledge that only comes with experience.

So, if you have anything to say on the subject that you even think MIGHT be useful, please... tell me all about it.

Thanks in advance.

04-01-2007, 01:35 PM
What's your budget? What are you looking for? Just water? Fish and plants?

04-01-2007, 03:20 PM
What's your budget? What are you looking for? Just water? Fish and plants?

I don't think I'll know my budget until I learn a little more.

It's not so much about how much money I can spend, it's more about how much I need to spend. I'll probably first try to see what I can get for $500, then if I need to spend more I'll evaluate it at that time.

As to style...?
I think I really like the look of just rocks & water. I just want it to be a little complex. Multiple levels and a pretty broad final pont. I have probably 100sqft to work with, which allows for a bigger setup than the pre-packaged kits you see at bog box stores. So, I figure that I'll need to get into mixing & matching individual components to create a more custom feature.

Since it's bigger than the kits, but not the kind of big that needs a backhoe; I figure I can afford to get fancier.

I'll surround with plants that I think will look nice, but I figured I should find out what would be wise in terms of equipment.

What brands are good, what mistakes to avoid, that sort of thing...

04-03-2007, 07:58 AM
I'm not sure what items you want to know brands of. If it's pumps, I like the Myers effluent pumps for a job like this. They are submersible and will pump around 30 gallons per minute. There are sewage pumps that will pump a lot more, but you have to tell me how much water you need in gallons per minute, not "I want water to run down a 4' rock and go out 1.5" before it completely falls vertical". I have no cross reference for that.

There are hundreds of ways to build a water feature, but I'm not your guy for that. My creative juices never flowed. Maybe boots has some ideas.


04-04-2007, 04:24 AM
There are some pumps that are specifically tailored to these applications. Oase (http://www.oase-usa.com/html/index.shtml) is one manufacturer.