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fast pasquale
02-11-2007, 01:09 PM
So i posted some previous threads regarding turning off the heat at a rental property of mine for the past couple of weeks (im in cleveland oh).. its been real cold (1-10degrees).. turned everything back on yesterday and everything looked fine... no leaks in any of the copper lines which is good.
So when i turned the boiler on yesterday i heard alot of banging. All the radiators seemed to be heating up... so i left for the day. Went back today and when i went to the basement the boiler was FULL of water. The site glass was full. The overflow tube was dripping and even some overhead pipes were dripping (not water supply lines but i believe it was a return pipe for the boiler). The boiler shut itself off sometime over night im assuming. I drained at least 12-15 gallons of water fromt the system then it kicked back on.
I have leaking on the living room ceiling below where the steam lines run to ONE of the 2nd fl radiators, that same radiator was dripping from the valve on the 2nd. I guess im wondering why the system fill up with so much water and what's the fix. .........HELP!!!! ;)... thanks so much for any replies.. i know this sounds like a P.I.T.A response so i appreciate ANY help

02-11-2007, 04:17 PM
Probably have an automatic boiler feed? Check the auto feed and If it has a bypass valve, check the washer in it.

With a lot of rads, you might want to get a hand full or automatic vents.

fast pasquale
02-11-2007, 07:25 PM
First off.. thank you for always answering my posts, I REALLY appreciate it.
Yes i do have an automatic boiler feed. I think i know what the bypass valve is.. it's right next to the feeder.. about 4 inches long or so. It looks like it makes a 45degree or so angle to the pipe? I believe it was brass. So.. obviously turn off the water.. , do i need to drain the system?.. if so wha't the best way? then im assuming it has a cap of some sort that i should remove and then inspect the washer?.. Is it possible that letting the pipes get so cold i could have frozen that washer and made it brittle.. thats why it may be damaged and allowing the system to overfill?? Also should i worry about the boiler pipes that were leaking inside the ceiling?? (please say no ;)). Really sorry for peppering you guys with so many questions.. but i have an inspection real soon on this house. Im excited to try and fix this myself