View Full Version : radiator no longer gets hot

fast pasquale
02-10-2007, 05:11 PM
Well ive been wondering why the living room is so darn cold lately so i decided to feel 1 of the 2 the radiators in the living room and one of them no longer works.. I think it stopped working around xmas time. I know i was standing on it to decorate the tree and thought i may have screwed up the pitch so i shimmed it up toward the pipe (one pipe system). I did notice that the two legs that are closest to the pipe have sunk about 3/16th of an inch and the floor boards are slightly lower. The vent on the other side says " heat timer,varivalve, quick vent". It has a very tiny lever that goes from open to close. I noticed it was closed so i switched it to open... no luck. I followed the steam pipe in the basement and it was hot all the way to right below the radiator of intrest. It was just warm at the elbow and where the pipe goes up toward the radiator of intrest it wasn't hot.... just slightly "warmish".. the system was running at the time and all the other pipes were hot everywhere (meaning from the elbow all the way up to each radiator. Can't figure out what to do next. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

fast pasquale
02-11-2007, 07:53 AM
Well this morning i came downstairs and about 25% of the radiator was hot. The rest on the first floor were hot throughout (100%)... so i guess it's a start....Things i did yesterday to try to fix it were: move the lever on the vent from closed to open, gently tapped on the pipes with a hammer and pitched the radiator slightly toward the return/supply line...