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02-06-2007, 07:51 AM
Hey Folks, I'm goint to put a water pressure gauge in line at the water heater, the plumbing supply tried to sell the type that goes on a hose bib with a screw connector, I'm thinking this type isn't made to be permanently under pressure and I need the type with an 1/4" MPT connection, such as a Watts DPG-1 or Pasco 2.5" Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge #1776. Is this true???

How much should one of these gauges cost, there was anothere brand of this type at OSH for $10.99, is this about right or is this something that should cost much more???

Thanks alot,

Gary Swart
02-06-2007, 08:08 AM
Look around. There are gauges that have 1/4" threaded ends that will screw into an adapter so you can make a proper installation. I believe I got mine at Ace Hardware and it was in the price range you mentioned.