View Full Version : Groundhog Day

02-03-2007, 07:27 AM
Well yesterday was groundhog day and one was spotted in Hollywood Ca.

All the news medias were called and arrived with their trucks to feed the live footage of the event.

The event was short lived though because after looking closely at the groundhog it was discovered that it was Danny DeVito in a fur coat.

02-03-2007, 12:51 PM
Are you sure that was really yesterday, and that there were not dozens of groundhog days before that which we do not remember, but Bill Murray does?

02-03-2007, 02:43 PM

I spotted Phil, going under my neighbor's porch yesterday, lol.
He lives under there.

02-03-2007, 02:54 PM
Darn, I all I see is raccons.

Or was that yesterday.
Are you sure that hasn't happened before?

02-03-2007, 06:04 PM
I don't get to see many ground hawgs but we sure get our share of armadillo's ... never saw them when I was a kid, they all miagrated here and I'm ready to send them back to Texas.... I'll give you two armadillos for a ground hawg any day.

02-04-2007, 04:39 AM
Don't know about armadillos but groundhogs are a big problem here. Holes every where and they can ruin vegetable gardens big time. They liked to go through my garden and take 1 bite out of everything. I lived on a farm for quite a while and use to sit atop a 6' ladder early in the AM and shoot them with my .22 as they were coming to greet the day. There are literally 1000s of them in the farming areas.

02-04-2007, 03:34 PM
And I thought possums wuz bad...till we got over run with aramadillos... at least we don't got no prairie dogs yet and ground hawgs are relatively few and far between. My fancy neighbors with their fancy turf in their yards get a little peturbed when they get divots all over their yard from the armadillos digging... guess they just ought to appreciate not having ground hawgs. I even get to see a beaver now and then...imagine what they could do if they dropped a big ol' tree on one of them pretty million dollar lake houses.