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01-30-2007, 04:58 PM
I have a tri-level house with a half bathroom (toilet and sink) on lower level on a slab. Toilet and sink are located on back wall. I want to add washing machine opposite of toilet and sink about 13 feet away. All of the plumbing is locate in same area (kitchen up a lever behind toilet) and two other baths are above toilet. The main clean out in the lower level ceiling (7’ feet above floor). Currently, the washing machine is located in the garage. I’ve tried to get plumbers to come out and give est. on two occasions (they failed to show). Is it possible to run a line (see attachment) from old washer location to new washer location or is the run to long(20' and then 3') ( I can raise the floor up to 5’’ off of slab). I would also need to add a vent for the washer. Or can I connect to the sink (option 2). I have to break through 3” or more of concert. Would I alsold also need to vent the washer. Is a washing machine consisted a minor/major? The drain for the sink is 1 1/2” would this need to be replaced with 2”. I'm curious, could the washer drain connected to the drain outside of the house. I do have 2 cleanout outside of the house. I’m driving my boyfriend crazy with all of the questions and it would be nice to finally get some answers. Thanks

01-30-2007, 06:28 PM
Can't completely solve this without seeing. But you have identified the key issues. The washer must be 2" . If you tried to do it with 1½" you would have frequent problems. Also, the distance mandates that a vent new vent will be necessary.

Cutting the slab is doable, albeit messy. But try to get someone to come and look to see if there are any alternatives.