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01-30-2005, 07:05 PM
I am putting a HT in my basement and am planning on mounting my surround speakers and wall sconces to rectangular columns along the side of the room. I would like to run some sort of inexpensive conduit to them so that I can change the speaker wire later if I need to.

I've attached a floor plan and a rendering of what it will look like if that helps.

Here is the question...

Fire code requires that I fireblock between any concealed vertical space and an concealed horizontal (ceiling) space and seal with fire caulk anything that penetrates that fireblock. The 2x4 top plate or 1/2" sheet rock qualifies as a fireblock but what do I do about the conduit? Do I have to install an electrical box for the speaker and hard mount the conduit into that? That would men using metal boxes and metal conduit! YUCK!

Note: The same issue would apply to speakers on the walls if you try to run the conduit into the ceiling.

Normal PVC water/sewer pipe is legal but I suppose that is because the ends are never open as would be needed for a wire conduit.

Any opinions/ideas?

01-30-2005, 08:08 PM
You can call your inspector and ask,
I have seen plenty of pipes and wires going through fire blocking.
In some commercial spaces, they like to see metal.
In most homes, it hasn't been required.
I could be wrong though.

Bob's HandyGuy
01-31-2005, 10:46 AM
I've done a lot of cable runs, phone, computer, CTV, etc. and never used conduit. In commercial buildings, wires are usually draped along the girders with hooks. The wall connection does not need a workbox, just a drywall flange to attach the faceplate and jacks. If you need to change one out, you tie the new one to old one and pull it through.