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  1. Magnetic Resonance
  2. Electric Meter Running fast
  3. Converting from larger to smaller wire gauge
  4. Amprobe
  5. Power Usage
  6. How much for a new 240v outlet? (800??)
  7. GFI keeps tripping !
  8. Wiring question?
  9. Defrost Thermostat ??
  10. Wiring question for bathroom light/fan
  11. Outlet with Switch
  12. Wiring a GFCI
  13. 15A outlets/switches on 20A circuit
  14. Hot Tub Wiring
  15. Power surge
  16. Power surge through HDMI?
  17. "FAU" marked on panel-???
  18. Subpanel location question
  19. Help with three duplex plugs
  20. help needed quickly, re: ac fuse
  21. I have no idea and will not even pretend to know.
  22. Electricity Cost Calculation
  23. Industrial wall fan misting on covered porch - not UL507 rated plugged into GFI
  24. Does a torn wire jacket violate California electric code?
  25. moving an island
  26. HD television boxes are big power suck
  27. Plug on Lamp Fixture in Cabinet only came with One Prong
  28. Sporadic Power to GFI
  29. Bonding Water Heater
  30. Small Shop Wiring
  31. Circuit Breaker Question
  32. adding an outlet next to a switch - a bit confusing
  33. GFCI on Freezer Circuit
  34. Bleach in Electrical outlets
  35. T8 Lighting and GFCI ?
  36. Tying together 2 areas
  37. Receptacles per room
  38. box fill for metal 42 cu in box
  39. Make a DIY underwater canister dive light for scuba diving
  40. Grounding Bus Questions
  41. Chasing short on newly installed light circuit (also newly drywalled)
  42. trouble shooting low voltage control operates high volt can lights
  43. Where in the World is Mike ?
  44. Firewall Outlet Box Placement(s)
  45. grounding 2000W inverter generator
  46. just a thought!
  47. Wire splicing question
  48. Dryer current-off alarm
  49. Breaker Wattage Limits
  50. Splicing a Ground Wire
  51. static electricity with outdoor deck
  52. fuses
  53. bathroom light/fan combo
  54. life of a metal arc lamp
  55. GFCI's at all outlet locations
  56. DIY Horizontal Boring
  57. 3-way switch feeds another switch?
  58. PVC vs. Metal vs cable vs conductor
  59. electrical safety, lightbulbs used for testing, and probability
  60. Objections - code or otherwise of running multiple conductors
  61. UF into watertight box on deck?
  62. PVC Conduit Indoors
  63. How can I remove the conduit top?
  64. 240 2pole30amp breaker testing
  65. Smoke alarms...interconnect
  66. Lamp Post Bulb keeps blowing out
  67. Old style 220 (3 wire) to new style (4 wire) connection
  68. Changing Entire Panel (Details)
  69. Aluminum Wire
  70. Issues with a GFI Outlet
  71. Question
  72. Sparks; Breaker Didn't Trip
  73. Outdoor early warning sirens
  74. Elictricity.....NOT!!!
  75. 7 way switch?
  76. Bad wire tripping GFCI
  77. NM cable in PVC conduit
  78. Question? Will a Energy efficient dryer cost more or less then a Gas dryer
  79. Alternative to Fluke meters?
  80. Advice Regarding Dryer Cord
  81. Electricity connection to Kohler K-1733 steam generator
  82. Outlets on a line
  83. ROMEX®/cable color changes
  84. Stringing together multiple extension cords
  85. Generator-ready subpanel question
  86. Can a load center have a breaker as large as its main?
  87. Closing up a light switch box
  88. Possible "broken breaker" miswiring kitchen splits
  89. Underground conduit and pull-box questions
  90. Ground rod, one or more?
  91. Lights flicker and things shut off randomly :(
  92. Circuit Question
  93. House sub-panel replacement questions.
  94. Wiring a garage
  95. Electrical subpanel for new addition
  96. JWELECTRIC will not be bullying me into silence!
  97. Wall Heater
  98. DVR box chassis energized
  99. 1985 Electrical Code, Bathroom Circuit Amperage in Georgia
  100. Is this portable generator hook-up OK?
  101. Splicing 8 gauge NM cable?
  102. Free Video: Mike Holt's Electrical Estimating ©2011 - Disc 4
  103. Butt Splice Line Voltage Wires?
  104. Sprinkler zone not working
  105. NC, Greene Co: how far off ground does outdoor receptacle have to be...
  106. 15 amp and 20 amp circuits in same box
  107. HVAC Wiring
  108. electrical solution or an exorcism?
  109. "reel" for BX cable?
  110. easy heat floor heating system
  111. Blower Motor Control
  112. 400' run on 12 g wire.
  113. advice on wire gauge for built in oven
  114. Generac Portable Generator
  115. oversized circuit breaker question
  116. Wiring and hot water pipe safety
  117. Connecting Outside Generator to Transfer Switch
  118. Weird phone line problem...
  119. Insulating Outlet/Light Boxes
  120. 6 AWG to 100 amp subpanel?
  121. PVC vs Metal (Bell) boxes
  122. Solenoid Failure?
  123. Generac NG generator
  124. distance between electrical wire and water heating pipe?
  125. varible speed
  126. 3 Way Switch "issue"
  127. Outlet question-
  128. Tap wall switch for outlets to add overhead light?
  129. Generac XG7000E and Interlock Kit
  130. Question about new wire for washer/dryer combo: What do I need?
  131. Use of registered names like ROMEX® on this forum, this is a poll
  132. Service Upgrade completed!
  133. romex®
  134. Locate Abandoned Wire
  135. CFL Bulbs that really last for 5 Years
  136. Running wire for island receptacle in kitchen remodel
  137. Need to replace 4" Non-IC Thomas Lighting Can Lights
  138. Mysterious Tripping GFCI receptacle
  139. Broken dryer on washer dryer combo
  140. It has been brought to my attention
  141. Is this box too small for this GFCI outlet?
  142. Service Pole to Well House Underground Line Specs
  143. Wall Surge Protector
  144. Prevention of Electrocution in Weather
  145. Merry Christmas
  146. Need help fixing ground loop
  147. OK to connect nonmetallic 10/2 whip to breaker box?
  148. 4 wire range to 3 wire receptacle
  149. AFCI Questions
  150. 4 Wire Cooktop and Oven to 3 Wire Sub Panel
  151. Ceiling Fan (existing) - adding 4 recessed lights non IC
  152. Metal Remodel box?
  153. wiring two lights from one switch through a junction box
  154. 66 to 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Problem
  155. Unknown gerbil-like thing on the side of my service panel?
  156. Proper treatment of disconnected circuit
  157. Max CB for SubPanel
  158. Inverter for future solar power
  159. Cconvert 2 gang switch to 3 gang switch
  160. outlet blew up
  161. how do i disconnect power on a split buss?
  162. lost one phase of 200 amp service panel, power company says they are providing fully
  163. Outdoor Spotlight
  164. Old house, 100A fusebox, should we replace w. breakers?
  165. What are some dangerous things you pros have seen homeowners do?
  166. Subpanel neutral/ground isolation
  167. Plumbing & Electrical question
  168. grounding outdoor ethernet cables
  169. Gfci--afci----> lcdi
  170. Electrical Boiler
  171. Building Service Disconnect question
  172. Neutral drops out in circuit.
  173. Demo walls, ceiling to run cables
  174. New house wire
  175. I need a timer for a bathroom fan/light/heater combo.
  176. Can I run NM in space behind kitchen cabinets & plaster or do I need to use BX?
  177. Refrigerator is Hot - 120 Volts at Handle
  178. Rewiring a stacked washer/Dryer
  179. tripping breaker
  180. Baseboard electric heater & switch distance from whirlpool bathtub?
  181. Two wires on one screw
  182. GFCI on wet power tools.....
  183. Water Heater ON/OFF switch question
  184. Whole House Rewire
  185. NM-B cable thru main CB panel OK?
  186. Help with deciphering wiring colors for Spa Air Blower
  187. help with another miller big 40 Mr.Rich B
  188. 30" electric freestanding range wiring
  189. Whole house lighting automation
  190. Human that has a high resistance to electrocution
  191. New Carrier Natural Gas Furnace - Noisy during ignition
  192. Adding new receptacle and switch
  193. Electrical inspection - panel upgrade
  194. Grounding Whirlpool Tub Motor and Heater - Bonding Panel to Electric Water Heater
  195. Afci circuit with gfi extension cord?
  196. 3phase commercial dishwasher
  197. Neutral wire size smaller than hots for 100 amp subpanel?
  198. Need professional help
  199. Rough-in for bathroom fan?
  200. How to wire my gang box
  201. 240V across mains but not across bus bars?
  202. Feed from Breaker Panel
  203. Bonding a new water supply line
  204. Using a cut-in box in a common wall.
  205. Wire size
  206. Help me sort this one out, please ....!
  207. 14/3 strange usage
  208. Help with wiring diagram
  209. triplex breaker 20/20/20 single 2 pole 20a, dual COMMON TRIP 1 pole 20a?
  210. Grounding after changing to plastic service line
  211. Inspectors that do not inspect?
  212. Measuring electrical useage
  213. Deck Light
  214. track light issues
  215. bathroom remodel electrical plan
  216. Testing a Soun Touch floor heat mat.
  217. tamper proof receptacles
  218. Surge Supression Outlets
  219. Wiring a workshop 3 wire question
  220. Power to a pole barn
  221. GFCI, Dimmer Switch, Outdoor Lamp Posts with Receptacles
  222. Green Wire Hanging Out Back of Dryer (4 Prong)
  223. Bonding questions for new jacuzzi tub
  224. Burning Smell & Banging When Turn Dryer On
  225. Who turned the lights out? (I did)
  226. Out door bollard lights
  227. Two outlets from one switch
  228. Watts or Amps for Wiring a Lighting Circuit
  229. bathroom circuit(s) for 2 girls
  230. Does this meet code?
  231. Need guidance on new outdoor outlet
  232. Double Tap Question
  233. Help please !!!
  234. Why DOES NM-3 cost so much more than NM-2?
  235. outdoor to indoor wiring question.
  236. Submersible Pump in Above-ground Pool
  237. Lamp in Middle of Room (Need Power Supply)
  238. Outdoor Subpanel 350' feet away from Barn
  239. Wiring Multiple Wall Thermostat Controlled (Cadet) 240v Baseboard Heaters
  240. parts is parts???
  241. Distance of GFCI Breaker
  242. Grounding Rod for Main Panel
  243. Power Flux (Dimming)
  244. Three romex into recessed light box
  245. Subpanel
  246. Advice Needed - House with old school low voltage GE system
  247. Shower Light/Fan
  248. Bathroom GFI Receptacle and Light Wiring
  249. Subpanel in attached garage adjacent to living space
  250. Grounding or Bonding Jetted Bathtub