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  1. Subfloor question for tiling a bathroom floor with heat mat under the tiles
  2. Paint
  3. Granite tile countertops
  4. Quickest/best way to paint cabinet doors?
  5. Acrylic over oil-based - How badly did I screw up?
  6. Dealing with Mold.....Irene Flood
  7. 2 layers of insulation
  8. Remodeling with Mold - To Live with it or Not
  9. What kind of wall construction is this?
  10. Uni-strut question!!!!!!!!
  11. recessed lighting for suspended ceiling?
  12. Bathroom venting out of new siding
  13. Finished Basements - Rebuilding her back
  14. Give some for Home Renovation
  15. What whites best match Kohler white?
  16. Finished wall needs insulation
  17. Panasonic Vent Fans
  18. ErgonoMIX Concept - A revolutionary invention in the field of single handle mixer fau
  19. Old house renovation or new build house?
  20. Regrouting tile bathroom wall
  21. The World's Ugliest Buildings
  22. Outdoor carpet adhesive question
  23. Costs for our house construction
  24. Leaving the Drywall Short - Baseboard shall cover it
  25. how to reduce the moisture issue on my basemenet?
  26. Indoor Clerestories (Frosted High Window Above Eye Level)?
  27. basement soffit - should I worry about sag?
  28. Difference between Panasonic bathroom fans?
  29. Tiling a laundry/furnace room
  30. OT: The demise of another brand
  31. Vapor barrier with new shower
  32. Tub surround question
  33. Screws for door hinge
  34. Vintage Tiles - Any Good Sources? PIC
  35. Kitchen sink
  36. Any professional tilesetters in here - Ditra Mortar Coverge
  37. Basement remodel begins this week, any feedback will be greatly appreciated
  38. New Laundry Room
  39. interesting neutral plane concept
  40. Testing Foundation Leak - Just curious....
  41. Leaks in wall
  42. Brown Constuction Paper --- Builders Paper
  43. Carpenter's Pencil and level in one. Not only that it has a magnet and ruler
  44. Bathroom Vent Fans
  45. Feng Shui and Light: Use Light Energy for Good Feng Shui in Your Home or Office
  46. Drain and Vent question in small bathroom
  47. Tavy Thin skin membrane
  48. Disposal dischage / wall drain stub
  49. basement bathroom and utility room floor insulation
  50. winter vent for house with wood stove
  51. Ceiling Lights ?
  52. Attn: Dana, Clever Solution
  53. Permanently Remove Cast Iron Baseboard Radiator
  54. Shower and Toilet Venting Question
  55. Under Cabinet Xenon Lighting
  56. Overhead garage door repair - frustration
  57. NuTone door chime problems
  58. Basement Insulation
  59. Insulation in attic
  60. Basement Tile
  61. Open Ended Question - Epoxy Grout Labor
  62. Alside Patio Doors
  63. Just wanted to share......new flooring finished
  64. roman tub remodel
  65. Tub/shower surround
  66. The ART of laying it out
  67. basement remodel vent routing question
  68. Bathtub troubles...
  69. Shower drain re-venting question
  70. Attic insulation
  71. Finishing My Basement - Insulation Questions
  72. Subfloor type? Thickness? Drywall?
  73. High tech bath solutions
  74. Why R10 but not R20 for Basement Wall in MA
  75. Basement stairs issue
  76. Attic Blown In Insulation Remove Or Blow More Over It ?
  77. To Seal or Not to Seal the Stair Landing
  78. Which is a good Rotary hammer drill to buy for my remodel job?
  79. Remodeling Forums ?
  80. Window Well Escape Ladders
  81. Is there a big differance in a SDS MAX shank and a spline shank on quality?
  82. Window Condensation 101
  83. Interior costs calculated correctly?
  84. Soundproofing around a shower?
  85. Moving W/D and floor drain
  86. Want to Convert Attic in 1920's Colonial to Closet
  87. How would you insulate this
  88. Slab top-side vapor control Airspace approach
  89. basement doors requirments?
  90. Basement refinishing- how to keep mold away
  91. basement floor XPS foam
  92. tape for foam and sealant for plastic sheeting
  93. Pre slope and water leak test
  94. plywood for subfloor questions
  95. questions about installation detail
  96. New bathroom install help! Rough-in Plumbing
  97. how to handle internal concrete walls?
  98. grean board and pink board
  99. Sheffield Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows
  100. Roofing Question
  101. Mildew inhibitor for indoor latex paint?
  102. New vanity install - P trap issue
  103. plumbing for new vanity
  104. Code for an exhaust vent next to a window
  105. Adding an attic bathroom
  106. Radiant Barrier Insulation vs Fiberglass
  107. Electrical Wiring Capacity / HEAT
  108. Roof
  109. Crawl Space
  110. Hit a brick wall...could really use some advice
  111. how to figure wall and ceiling space
  112. Bay and Bow Windows
  113. what's AdvanTech subfloor?
  114. 2x4 frame bottom plates issue
  115. Cathedral ceiling insulating
  116. New Bath In Basement...Ejector Pump/Pit tie in
  117. Vinyl Siding?
  118. Broken Waste Pipe - Repairing it and looking for answers in Vancouver
  119. Garage Door Opener Spring/Trolley Nut
  120. Excalibur II Fusion-Welded residential Vinyl Windows
  121. project progress and electric panel issue
  122. add subfloor in basement bathroom
  123. Effloresence in Basement
  124. Laminate Countertop Replacement
  125. Fairfield 80 Series Residential Vinyl Windows
  126. קרמיקה
  127. 70's Raised Ranch....Unvented Attic
  128. Garage Door Opener The Saga Continues
  129. Basement window wells
  130. Cleaning out Rust Blooms ---- A TIP
  131. odd leaking faucet, Aqua Dynamic
  132. Soffit Vents
  133. Ultramaxx Fusion-Welded Residential Vinyl Windows
  134. Safe to cut out stud from this wall?
  135. Cutting a window/lite in to a steel skinned entry door.
  136. Wanting a flat panel television above the fireplace
  137. Basement XPS insulation gaps
  138. Moving Into New Home - Changing the Locks - Builder Has a Magic Key to Reset Locks???
  139. Attic Insulation
  140. prehung door install - floor level?
  141. Recommendations for small half bath floor plans?
  142. Tips and Tricks on Removing Top Mount Cast Iron Sink
  143. Patching concrete in driveway questions
  144. Basement moisture issue..
  145. Undercutting Doors
  146. Strengthening up ceiling rafters in garage
  147. What is the purpose of liquid nails when sistering joists
  148. Window repair and residential glasss replacement
  149. Raising floor in mudroom 4 inches and putting in tile?
  150. XPS basement insulation and foundation sill plate
  151. Garage Door Wall Button Console - How to Open or Remove? (photos)
  152. Finishing and Insulating garage walls
  153. Fire Separations between apartment units: ONTARIO
  154. Insulating Brick home in OK?
  155. plumbing brands compatible with newport brass plumbing threads
  156. Door Threshold need Gasket w/1 round bead, 1 triangular.Problem w/new metal
  157. Draining/Venting Tips Needed
  158. encasing old bricks in new concrete?
  159. Roof Exhast Vent Recommendations
  160. Bath Window Sill
  161. Smoke
  162. Why do you need window well covers?
  163. Need some guidance on an exterior painting problem
  164. HVAC Duct Insulation
  165. ceiling paint is cracking/flaking
  166. bathtub replacement with shower pan
  167. How to connect Zoeller poly sewage basin?
  168. basement wall insulation
  169. Time for window replacement
  170. cutting and patching a lower square in my basement concrete slab for treadmill
  171. Which Bad Option Is Best For My New Upstairs Sanitary Drain?
  172. Recessed Wood Framed Mirror -- how to remove caulk without damage?
  173. Residential vinyl window replacement: Fairfield 70 Series
  174. help doing a remodel correctly
  175. Need source for window balance spring - old coil type - 50 years old
  176. Really nice access panels
  177. Sears moldy washer suit can proceed as a class action
  178. Insulating R5 'Penitentairy tile' walls
  179. mysterious basement water
  180. Tyvek house wrap without logos defacing it?
  181. Removing Ceiling made of drywall, chicken wire, and plaster
  182. prepare for the tile basement bathroom
  183. Tile subfloor issues
  184. Engineered Stone MA
  185. Backer board in bathroom
  186. Is this legal, or will it at least work? Bath rough-in
  187. Plaster tips
  188. Earthquake Retrofit Prep Work
  189. How can I keep these wall decals from falling off my wall?
  190. Basement Spray Foam?
  191. New Bathroom DWV rough in proposal
  192. moisture in attic.... help!
  193. Extractor fan... with no inlet?
  194. Adding basement washroom
  195. Air Admittance Valve on 3"
  196. Basement bath vent check
  197. Painting
  198. Has anybody ordered or seen a Swanklids replacement toilet tank lid?
  199. My Project: Ultimate Playhouse
  200. I want to properly vent a remodeled basement bath
  201. Wall Framing and Flooring over Subfloor
  202. Washing Machine Drain
  203. basement ceiling
  204. Basement DWV Roughin Layout
  205. Insulation where floor joists overhang foundation
  206. Basement Wall Insulation and Buildout
  207. Ventilation for 2 bathrooms/1 roof penetration?
  208. Basement Foam Board Question
  209. Plumbing Quote for Master Bath Remodel - does this sound reasonable? (pic's inside)
  210. schluter jolly price
  211. Matching Drywall Texture
  212. Opinions On Lightweight Drywall Panels ?
  213. Replacing dishwasher with washing machine
  214. Interior Design help please..?
  215. The Most Time-Consuming Remodeling You Ever Embarked Upon
  216. Insulation to block airflow and frozen pipes
  217. Another basement question
  218. pocket doors and air leakage?
  219. Uneven walkout basement external wall's insulation
  220. AAV On Sink /Wet Vent for Toilet? With Diagram
  221. pipe length for basement bathroom fan
  222. Washer,shower & sink tie in small space
  223. Soffit for basement ductwork
  224. Double exhaust box
  225. How to construct my subfloor for ceramic tile
  226. Contractor Flashed Windows improperly: How bad is this?
  227. What type of insulation under new laundry room "closet?"
  228. Adding attic insulation over rock wool
  229. Mold inside exterior walls, WTF!!!
  230. Does Undermount bath sink need more support?
  231. crawlspace/under deck insulation
  232. Roughing in Bathroom in Basement Early 1900s vintage house
  233. In-floor heat under vinyl flooring?
  234. Odd Ball Bathroom fan search
  235. 3 inch Pipe for a new toilet upstairs through 2x8's or headers?
  236. does this look correct?
  237. Swap Toilet and Shower Locations
  238. actual door opening width
  239. Blown-in Insulation into Existing Wall
  240. Floor Joist Removal
  241. Stud a wall over 2" rigid insulation
  242. Kill Ants
  243. Mystery smell after taking respirator off
  244. Leveling floor joists
  245. Greasing AGA Range Valves
  246. House Remodel
  247. Drywall Laminating
  248. Remodeling Bathroom...Leak
  249. Pipe protrudes past studs entire length of wall
  250. Idea Time.