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  1. Stuck faucet won't swing side to side
  2. strange pipe in basement refinishing project
  3. 15' branch to lav sink, 2 toilets: 1/2" sufficient?
  4. Rattling Pipes tip-
  5. Flush drains second toilet
  6. Back-to-back toilets -- how do I know whether I have cross or Y fitting?
  7. Water Softener Issues
  8. Help with BAD water hammer from a long downhill run!
  9. Alternative for hose bib vacuum breaker noise
  10. Main Line Back Up & Toilet Seal
  11. vertical-to-horizontal transition: long bend only or or Y plus 45 with cleanout?
  12. HELP needed to find replacement faucet Cartridge
  13. Copper Pipe repair for a newbie
  14. Backflow device for bidet.
  15. Seattle area: cast iron tub repair
  16. Water Hammer wont go away
  17. Does this drain mockup photo look ok for an upstairs bath?
  18. Crimp off soft copper
  19. Proper laundry standpipe vent installation + concealed outlet box:
  20. dripping in the fire sprinkler system
  21. Extending gas line for NG bbq
  22. Hello, in need of advice
  23. Add basement sink drain to existing waste stack
  24. Woodford series 19 and 25
  25. Question regarding clean out placement in backyard.
  26. shower diverter/handle problem
  27. Anybody heard or has Nantucket faucet?
  28. Bathtub redirect and concrete laundry sink!
  29. ABS or Sched. 40 PVC?
  30. Steam Generator plumbing advice
  31. Primary Loop on a condensing-style direct vent boiler
  32. Direct Vent Question - Vent near AC Unit
  33. Kohler Memoirs bathroom sink valve replacement - how to remove the bonnet?
  34. low pressure on hot side of shower faucet only
  35. Manifold help !
  36. Manifold help !
  37. How to shut off valve - disconnect Fridge water line
  38. Plumbing fixtures priced higher than expected
  39. Kohler Class 5 Flush Issue
  40. Time Out Valve
  41. Please review the piping plan for basement remodel
  42. Abandoned line in wall; stagnant water a concern?
  43. DO NOT BUY FROM HOME DEPOT...and here's why and what happened to me today !!
  44. Residential Water Line 1200'
  45. How to tighten pipe replaced in middle of run
  46. Well Water Newbie
  47. Identify this kitchen faucet, Price Pfister
  48. Water Supply/water pressure issue
  49. Gas Line for outdoor grill 91000 btus
  50. Washing machine box rough in
  51. Worried About Bath Overflow Cover Plate Scratching Tub Finish
  52. classic reverse water hammer...maybe
  53. Acoustolator clamps/isolators & PEX???
  54. ABS screw on cap found on sewer line
  55. Pressure regulators die on a regular basis.
  56. Ball Valve questions
  57. Loud vibration coming from pipe, Pretty sure it's NOT water hammer
  58. Leaking "S" Trap issue
  59. smelly toilet bowl even after replacement!
  60. bathroom ceiling water stain
  61. And faucet still drips!!!
  62. Mystery pipe thumping (not water hammer)
  63. new 2" drain stack installed - done properly?
  64. PVC coupling question
  65. Is this drawing look somewhat OK
  66. Need guidance, major issue with water from basement floor
  67. Vanity Drain Move
  68. Supply to Boiler and pressure reducing valve question
  69. Seal feeder line throuigh concrete wall. PEX
  70. Concrete coming tomorrow 3" pipe and flange on the outside
  71. Ethics and Customer Relations Question
  72. Best bedding for subslab pvc drain pipes?
  73. Drain for Shower (bathtub Replacement) Advice?
  74. Kitchen Sink Strainer Leaks
  75. New toilet and new floor
  76. If solder won't melt, is the ONLY reason that the joint wasn't hot enough?
  77. No Water Pressure.
  78. How to fit a union where there is no space for one?
  79. Easiest way to replace 3-bolt garbage disposal
  80. well water pressure
  81. Stubborn kitchen sink venting problem
  82. Replacing 1m length of sewer pipe with suspected cement blockage
  83. Urgent! DWV Advice for bathroom.
  84. PEX: Is it that easy?
  85. Low water pressure
  86. Using old Copper Piping for new installations...
  87. Basement floor drain / sewer drain vs. sump pit / pump?
  88. Draining into Main Stack Vent
  89. Thermostatic valve for tub
  90. Need washer & sink plumbing setup advice.
  91. Well pressure tank: fittings leaking
  92. Well pressure tank: fittings leaking
  93. recessed tile shelf in shower
  94. Maax drain install question
  95. Can anyone identify this 1/4 stop?
  96. Americast Cambridge Drain and Overflow Assembly
  97. Cutting PVC Pipe
  98. Best Connection Method for PE pipe to rigid PVC?
  99. can't get drain out for new garbage disposal
  100. Is this even to code? Homeowner with no previous plumbing experience needs help!
  101. National Plumbing Parts Pricing Data Download
  102. Two Stub Outs in Under Kitchen Sink? Garbage disposal woes...
  103. 1 1/2" Bathroom Sink Drain
  104. Bathtub spout question
  105. Basement - Full Bath addition.
  106. Order of the gaskets
  107. black iron union for gas
  108. Happy 4th of July
  109. Shower cartridge replacement help
  110. Stumped on Dishwasher inlet valve
  111. pressureless automatic drain valve
  112. Sump Pump Float
  113. Do the Kohler Katalyst showerheads really work?
  114. Air Eliminator on Buffer Tank - best way install the expansion tank???
  115. Don't dump coffee down the kitchen sink while the disposer is being replaced.
  116. Dual Outlet shut-off valve for better flow?
  117. Walkout Basement Tub/Shower Install
  118. Lost Hot Water Pressure Cause
  119. Help needed - indentify bathtub fixture thats leaking
  120. Washing machine drain layout
  121. Hot Water in the cold water pipes
  122. old Moen single handle kitchen faucet
  123. How to apply caulk to seal water pipe through basement wall
  124. Double Combination Tee-Wye (Horizontal)
  125. please help on identify the brand and model number of kitchen faucet thanks!
  126. Possible reasons a mixet valve would shoot out of the socket?
  127. Newbie Installing Water Filter -- Small Leaks Driving Me Crazy!
  128. Advice on how to take apart faucet sprayer?
  129. Cermaic Vs. The Field
  130. Pex do's and don'ts
  131. Old home with undersized septic tank
  132. JOB: Master Plumber needed for a day of consulting work ASAP
  133. Testing complete DWV system?
  134. How to remove a urinal flange
  135. trying to learn more about sump pump. Please help!
  136. Sealing around septic pipe
  137. Dewinterizing foreclosed condo unit, funky/no water pressure!?
  138. Opinions/Help/BS Detector Needed - Clay Pipe Replacement vs. Maintenance
  139. Sink leak through porcelain plug
  140. Installing a diverter step-by-step
  141. Help with whole faucet swiveling instead of just the top
  142. joining ABS pipes partially under water
  143. Backwater valve installation question
  144. Plumbing inspection Failed!! Please Help!!
  145. Brazing: Is Flux Necessary?
  146. PEX stop valves?
  147. Unknown drain
  148. Possible to convert old tub from 1.5" drain to 2"?
  149. Need advise for plumbing body spray
  150. Inlet Valves
  151. new to pex!
  152. new to pex...repair typo
  153. Insulated Toilet Tank
  154. Stuck gate valve... if I take channel locks to it could I cause a massive leak?
  155. Toilet Height Levels
  156. high psi
  157. Plumbing Layout Question
  158. how to sweat a threaded valve?
  159. Converted Hot Water System Column Radiator removal
  160. What does "Anti-Limestone" Mean?
  161. How do I replace this washing machine outlet box?
  162. Faucet is gushing out water!
  163. Shower faucet removal single handle unknown brand
  164. HELP! Replacing this P trap
  165. water to home is shutting off randomly
  166. Faucet advice
  167. HELP! Previous owner was draining washing machine into sump pit. No drain. (pics)
  168. Moen Push-fit connection
  169. Kitchen renovation and stub out
  170. Sump Pump drainage
  171. Leaky delta faucet
  172. Are Sharkbite and other quick connect fittings reliable?
  173. I was told pex and copper of the same outer diamater have different inner diamaters.
  174. Bathroom sewer vented into crawl space
  175. Any idea where I can find this stem?
  176. Connect 2 city water supplies together
  177. Drain, Waste, Vent Diagram
  178. Opinion on vanity and plumbing rough-in
  179. Mold Present
  180. How should I prepare copper pipe for a quick connect fitting?
  181. Toto toilet seats that are not soft-close
  182. Proper water heater installation?
  183. no house water
  184. plumbing a toilet on an uneven floor?
  185. Keeping pipes from freezing
  186. Leak at joint on rough in valve. HELP!
  187. Don't know where else to go
  188. Sharkbite Insert Pushed Into Fitting
  189. Moving 1st floor bathroom
  190. Takes too long for hot water upstairs.
  191. Water Hammer Problem????
  192. Directing Sewer Gas at Intersection
  193. No clue why this is leaking
  194. Can't get it off
  195. Plumbing for an Ice Machine Drain
  196. Jay's whole- house renovation
  197. Converting Shower Stall for Laundry Service
  198. well water possible clogged pipes bad water pressure
  199. DWV Layout Question
  200. Ikea Plumbing.....?
  201. I am confused. What did I receive?
  202. Galvanized pipe in newer home?
  203. 90 yo cast iron sewer pipe in basement - leaking
  204. Surprise today !
  205. Cold climate shut off valve that automatically drains?
  206. Problem. Limited clearance.
  207. Outside Hose Bibb Issue
  208. Charlotte Pipe TruFit System - important?
  209. Wye Setup for Laundry Sink and Possible Standpipe - Renewing 90 YO CI Plumbing
  210. Combining vents in attic
  211. u drain trap removal cost estimate
  212. Desperately need help with Duravit water supply line...
  213. HELP: Sprinkler RPZ valve and test cock port issue
  214. Closet bend or 90 elbow
  215. changing out all the cheap plastic stop valves with 1/4 turn stops.
  216. In need of plumbers help
  217. Not sure if Polybutylene - Help?
  218. Connecting Collapsed Storm Sewer to Sanitary Sewer?
  219. Drain washing machine on first floor to laundry tub in basement?
  220. Deposit buildup on copper pipe
  221. Converting 3/8"OD x 3/8"OD supply line to 3/8"ODx1/2"IPS
  222. Question About Running Pex
  223. Any ideas how to get this grate open?
  224. Iron pump on hot water loop?
  225. Septic Tank Redo
  226. How to make a drain viable
  227. Replace lead pipe with pvc question
  228. Drain and Supply Capped For Future Use
  229. My fun today
  230. Toilet Question
  231. Is it worth changing the water heater anode on older unit?
  232. Can anyone tell me what this tube/pipe in my sump pump pit is please?
  233. Trying to install a new sink but can't turn off shutoff valves on old one...
  234. Moving tub drain 2 inches!
  235. Failed Soldered Joint - Best Repair Method???
  236. Pipe and Fittings ?
  237. hot water recirculation pump
  238. Weird toilet water shut off valve - Please help!
  239. Watts anti sweat valve noise
  240. What is the difference design-wise between widespread and mini-widespread faucets?
  241. Rounded off handle
  242. Faucet Sprayer Too Tight
  243. Two frost proof wall hydrant advise needed; Farm and House
  244. Garage Utility Sink Plumbing Question
  245. Toto Drake or Gerber Ultraflush Vs Charmin Toilet Paper
  246. redundant vent and wet vent
  247. Double wye used for double vanity
  248. PVC and ABS specification
  249. Flush Lever on new Toto toilets.
  250. Vent for extended shower drain