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  1. humming motor sound in our wall
  2. Basement Rough-In... HUH?
  3. 45 elbow in fixture outlet pipe
  4. Clark's Clog
  5. steel pipe problem
  6. Ceramic Tile--What To Put Around Toilet Flange
  7. sewage backup
  8. Another basement and mainfloor DWV layout
  9. lots of water dumped ikitchen sink overwhelms drain and backs into clothes washer box
  10. Dishwasher motor sparks; not draining properly
  11. Gerberit Wall Hung Toilet Rough-In
  12. 4" hubless repair help - middle of run
  13. Is this an S Trap - How to Fix?
  14. Motor lockup due to shaft seal & impeller tightness ??
  15. Kohler P-trap CP-9033 installation
  16. PVC Cement came undone... sort of.
  17. How easily will pex pipe melt near a soldered fitting?
  18. Threaded cast iron kitchen soil stack threads gone on bottom.
  19. inline water filter...help needed!
  20. Vanity Plumbing Options
  21. Trying to Avoid A Major Disaster..Advice Needed
  22. Kohler Angle Stops - Kohler Quality
  23. Brass Pipes and Top Plate Question
  24. Hot Tub Leak
  25. Unusual washer standpipe. pls help
  26. hello from the motor city with a question (2nd floor bathroom leak)
  27. No water out of the faucet?
  28. packing for plastic faucet?
  29. Combination Wye On Its Back/Side
  30. Primer Line for Laundry Floor Drain
  31. Tub/shower faucet with diverter
  32. Tub overflow re-direct
  33. Cutting concrete floor containing PEX radiant heat lines
  34. 3" Spigot offset closet flange?
  35. Inserting a sanitary tee into existing stack that will not move
  36. faucet stem tool???
  37. Pressure relief valve failed.
  38. Disconnecting a Glacier Bay Quick Connect and/or water flow issues.
  39. boiler question about domestic water use
  40. Need a reliable three hole kitchen faucet
  41. Proper Y-orientatiom
  42. Sewage Ejector vs Gravity for my basement
  43. Dry Well without the Well
  44. Fittings for basement rough in
  45. New construction DWV system
  46. Trick installing dishwasher motor & gasket?
  47. Need advice for installing three body sprays
  48. Pressure regulator install for water hammer
  49. Installing garage sink from water heater lines
  50. Reverse Osmosis from garage to adjacent kitchen
  51. Minimum height requirement for a kitchen sink lateral drain?
  52. Serious Leak!
  53. Watts Pressure regulator does not hold water pressure
  54. Shower drain venting issue, need advice
  55. Where to put clean-outs?
  56. Need advice capping copper lines to wetbar. Slab foundation
  57. Hot water recirc loop issues
  58. Overhead sewer question
  59. Starting over basement plumbing
  60. No pressure...Clog?
  61. Where to connect lav in basement bathroom?
  62. New Drains/Vents routing. . .
  63. water leak at supply line hole in foundation
  64. Drain connection for shower enclosure
  65. [Question] Drinking fountain Question
  66. What's this valve called?
  67. Price Pfister kitchen faucet hot water pressure issue...
  68. Recommendation please!
  69. Steel to Copper Union With a Plastic Fitting
  70. Taking Apart Old Threaded Brass Pipe
  71. nwater pump wont stay on
  72. drain / vent help
  73. What is considered plumbing rough-in?
  74. PVC Solvent advice
  75. Replumbing a Bath
  76. rough in in attic
  77. Is my P Drain Too Deep?
  78. City Sewer Access
  79. Brass to Copper, Brass to Pex
  80. Hand spray rough in
  81. When it rains, it pours - Checkvalve Maintance
  82. HVAC Condensate Drain Line Question
  83. Hot Water
  84. Whole house low Pressure/Flow problem
  85. Toilet Back Flow Preventer
  86. 90 degree turn for pipe?
  87. Venting a kitchen sink
  88. New bathroom faucet drain leaks
  89. Need help with DIY newbee Utility Sink Install
  90. American Standard Bridge Kitchen Faucet
  91. PRV for irrigation system?
  92. Laying out Rough-in for new Bathroom in Slab
  93. Another question on recirculating pump - how to connect to water heater?
  94. Looking for mid range plumbing fixtures for new bathroom and kitchen
  95. Double sink rough in. . .
  96. IPS / NPT Angle Stops - Outdated Practice
  97. Is pipe/water pressue pressure limited to the smallest denominater ?
  98. Is installation too flimsy?
  99. Trying to keep a water heater replacement from turning into a disaster.
  100. Vanity P-Trap weird configure
  101. Is this a normal basement drain in an older home?
  102. Double shower drain vent question.
  103. Re-plumbing house, runl Pex through joist or under the joists?
  104. Help with the proper connectors with cast to PVC
  105. Installing a Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  106. Insinkerator SST hot water tank problem
  107. pH meter- male fitting?
  108. Installing faucet on new granite.
  109. Uponor PEX connector?
  110. Guidance on increasing meter size.
  111. waste and venting sketch
  112. Retrofitting a ceramic disc faucet with the old washer/seat system
  113. How to plumb drain for this.
  114. Using aquapex instead of hePex
  115. Brass to Copper Replacement
  116. Question about multiple septic tanks
  117. Remodeled Kitchen Sink Plumbing
  118. New electric water heater on concrete slab
  119. Zurn Pex or Seymour or neither
  120. Pressure reducing valve
  121. The ~button~ in a diverter valve
  122. depth of the rough-in valve
  123. What caulk to use to seal water pipe through basement wall
  124. Why do plumbing jobs always leak
  125. Low water pressure at tub spout
  126. Is this ok... stand pipe, laundry tub, bar sink, shower plumbing
  127. House has no vent system at all, trying to add one
  128. Will a seldom used trap dry up?
  129. Lead Content of Cross Fitting.
  130. Moen tub/ shower control, uneven pressure
  131. Toilet flange height
  132. Base Cabinet drain re-route
  133. Portable Dishwasher problem, can't find the answer anywhere!
  134. Redoing Plumbing in Old House - Manifold and Tee Question
  135. Stumped -- Floor mounted tub filler connection
  136. Problem with hose bib
  137. Plumbing the Hard Way - Threading on Exisiting Risers
  138. Water pressure is not constant
  139. Kohler shower hardware....
  140. ABS wye with spigot end
  141. Gator bite and tub shower problems
  142. Help Replacing 1" Main Water Shut Off Valve
  143. Please help make heads or tails of my bathroom rough in
  144. Hammerin' Away...
  145. Toilet making "Breathing" sound?
  146. Soil (dirt) trap for a Lab
  147. Best way to remove PEX stainless steel cinch style crimp ring?
  148. Roughing in a pot filler with a filter?
  149. What's Up, a cover of the 4 Non Blondes song by Jamie's band Longstride
  150. natural gas pipe run underground from house to BBQ area
  151. Protection for "exposed" outdoor copper drain pipe?
  152. hot water supply system
  153. Terry - does this plumbing diagram work ?
  154. Plumbing new building, questions on PEX
  155. Long, long line from meter to home...advice please
  156. Too many bends in the pipes? Shower replumb.
  157. Underground black steel gas line to grill,light and firepit
  158. Sledge Hammer Advice - CI Tub
  159. Ox-Box, F1807, ProPex, and Sharkbite Crimper and Rings
  160. If you had supplies at no cost, would you choose PVC or CI
  161. well pump probably full of mud. Cleaning it out?
  162. Mansfield Anti-freeze Hose Bib - leaking again after winter
  163. tub overflow pipe won't budge to replace gasket
  164. Help with PVC to CI connection
  165. how to add vertical offset to house sewer line
  166. No water pressure after bleeding. Should I cut the lines to my old washroom to fix?
  167. Help with brand/model
  168. Expansion loop for exposed 2" copper drain line?
  169. Trimming Copper Pipe, Replacing Shut Off Valve
  170. Separate Hot Water Systems for Lav sinks vs. Kit / Shower / DW / Laundry?
  171. Adding two pedestal sinks on a concrete slab...
  172. Hose Takeoff Ahead of Pressure Regulator
  173. Shower Hot water dies ...
  174. plug old galvanized pipe
  175. New Vanity w/ Funky P Trap "bottle trap"
  176. Proper DWV Connection of Shower and Wall-Hung Geberit
  177. Back flow preventers
  178. Sand Point Back Pressure
  179. Deep sink vs. rough in height
  180. P-trap operational limits ??
  181. Pressure Drop - whole house filter - Aquapure AP903
  182. New Bathroom Faucet Water Connections
  183. Question regarding Toto Soiree pedestal sink
  184. Installing Sink from Rough In
  185. Some advice needed for a rookie. Copper to ABS
  186. Bathtub plumbing
  187. Pipe freeze protection cable
  188. Minimum Trap Arm Length
  189. Awful smell from plumbing?
  190. Fill void under foundation when repairing drain pipe?
  191. Can you name this frost free faucet?
  192. Still no cold water in shower after replacing Moen cartidge
  193. Water leaking into foundation around water line
  194. Old mobile home plumbing; lack of vents
  195. Sanitary Tee too low
  196. Nibco Classic stop valves (modern version)
  197. Anyone have tips on tracing lines?
  198. Water Under Toilet - Oops
  200. Fernco couping question
  201. shower vs tub drainage
  202. Kitchen overhaul
  203. Insulate undersized supply pipes to quiet them?
  204. Delta R10000 and R11000 question
  205. Installing Kitchen faucet into single hole granite.
  206. Washing machine repair....
  207. assembling ABS pipes
  208. Faucet stem removal
  209. Thoughts on Toto Dartmouth pedestal lav?
  210. Tap into drain line by basement main drain? Or where?
  211. Hose Bibb leaking from handle
  212. If I remove valve from pipe can I put it back together again ?
  213. Price Pfister faucet stem replacement
  214. Apprenticeship interview with Union in Dallas for the 2nd time question?
  215. PVC Hub in Floor
  216. How do I dry vent this toilet?
  217. Bathtub venting dilemma
  218. Newbie...Sewage grinder pump installation pipe help
  219. Moving basement toilet and shower rough-ins
  220. Unsweating brass fitting from 1/2" copper pipe
  221. Need help with my first plumbing job (fixing a shower)
  222. faucet handle wheel broke off
  223. Connecting floor drain to sump pump
  224. Outdoor Faucet Leaks
  225. Slow Leak Below Sink Drain
  226. Difference between Water cleanout and Sewer Cleanout (front yard)
  227. Septic tank/grease trap?
  228. Threaded brass fittings ok in baseboard heating system?
  229. How high can a washing machine pump water "uphill"?
  230. basement bath drain/ venting layout
  231. install schluter flange to trap
  232. Garbage disposal install
  233. Advice on Venting for Bathroom Re-model
  234. How to identify a faucet to repair?
  235. Galvanized nipple through wood
  236. Anything wrong with this flange?
  237. Ball valve / water turn off design
  238. Need advice fixing the unfinished.
  239. Moen balancing spool removal problem
  240. Old wall tube stuck
  241. Strange corrosion in copper pipe in multiple locations in a ceiling
  242. Murphy's Law of Soldering
  243. Questions regarding placement of test ball...
  244. Help identify wall faucet
  245. Exposed water main in basement and dehumidifier options
  246. Drawer vanity not up to code
  247. Existing Pex Restrictions
  248. Master bath part 2
  249. 2 Toilets, 1 Stack
  250. Floor drain in my mechanical room