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  1. Please identify the valve
  2. HELP !!! What Brand is this shower faucet ? Sayco?
  3. How to use single handle shower
  4. Sweat connections near Moen Exacttemp valves
  5. Can someone suggest a good shower valve and explain pressure balance vs thermostatic
  6. What do these Product features" mean?
  7. Need help finding the right Shower Valve Socket
  8. Water pressure issue in tub faucet
  9. Securing a freestanding faucet
  10. Moen Valve won't stop dripping
  11. How to take out Moen Single handle rotary shower.
  12. question about possible worn gasket behind bathtub overflow plate
  13. shower enclosure for clawfoot bathtub
  14. Pressure Dropped in shower head, not tub faucet
  15. Replacing shower valves
  16. how to get water out of copper pipe to solder it properly
  17. Need help finding a replacement shower/tub combo unit
  18. How to judge tightness of threaded connections
  19. How critical is valve to spout measurement?
  20. Replace/upgrade stem on old shower
  21. help with showerhead selection for angled wall mount
  22. Water flowing from Kohler Whirlpool Air Inlet
  23. Single Lever Shower Valve Ultra sensitive and difficult to adjust temperature
  24. Whirlpool bath problem
  25. Metal verses Non-Metalic tub spout
  26. Rough Plumbing-Bath to Shower Conversion HELP
  27. Which shower arm adaptor
  28. Grohe grohmix cartridge 47 025 - missing trim and handle, how is it adjusted???
  29. Is an above floor drain my only solution?
  30. Choices for a Shower Remodeling Plate
  31. Pressure Test required for steam line?
  32. Moen 94543 Diverter Removal
  33. shower and tub water at the same time
  34. Wet Room - Mounting Toilet Flange?
  35. Where to find 48"x48" double threshold acrylic shower base??
  36. Need urgent help with Grohtherm 3000 thermo fittings
  37. Shower pan drain removal help
  38. Glitch in Delta 17xx Shower control valve install
  39. Glass Block advice
  40. Silicone for Sterling tub strainer?
  41. Getting strainer off Oatey shower drain
  42. Custom Size Shower Bases
  43. Sink vs Bath Tub valve question.
  44. how do I save the sink -- siliconed to laminate
  45. Bathtub Outlet Nozzle Too Short!
  46. modify bathtub only to shower/bath combo
  47. Shower Enclosure has hole in it, possible fix or have to replace
  48. Why I Think Americast Tubs Are Junk
  49. Faucets, Showerheads, and Aerators
  50. Steel Tubs - life span?
  51. caulking not holding
  52. Unstable shower pipe
  53. Delta 142913 - Problem: Water keep running even when its off
  54. Cultured Marble Shower Base Install
  55. Leaking Delta bathrub spout
  56. Raised outlet bathtub
  57. ‘wetroom’ shower by grinding down slab?
  58. Can you check my DWV rough-in?
  59. Grohe 34 126 Installation
  60. Roman Tub Faucets
  61. PermaHeat Bath Heater
  62. Fixing old grout w/ small bits chipped out - is there a wipe-on sealer/filler?
  63. 1/2" copper to 1/2" pex
  64. Help name old delta model
  65. Small bathroom blues
  66. Deck Mounted Hand Shower
  67. Whirlpool tub used with deck mount tub filler and hand shower
  68. Tub Shower Stem Interchangeability
  69. tub spout just spins - can't remove and leaks
  70. shower -- silicone or caulk recommended?
  71. looking for tub and surround
  72. Ideal Standard R1120 Rough Valve
  73. Keeney "Foot Lok" removal for cleaning
  74. shower stall faucet and door requirements
  75. Replacing Bathroom Drain Pipe
  76. Poor water pressure with new tub/shower set......HELP!
  77. American Standard shower faucet identification
  78. Tub Spout Not Flush
  79. Recommendation for a shower control valve
  80. covert three handler shower faucet to one handler
  81. New Laundry Vent
  82. Size of ledger for Kohler Villager cast iron tub?
  83. Adding holes in a Cast Iron Bathtub
  84. Leaking shower handle
  85. Tub Drain Not Watertight?
  86. Can anyone identify this shower cartridge?
  87. Toto Nexus and Trilogy High efficiency shower heads - your experience?
  88. Any ideas on how to maximize this shower configuration?
  89. help to id make/model
  90. Delta Monitor Leak
  91. Recirculating Shower
  92. Sterling Accord bathtub, installation with pictures
  93. New Moen Banbury bath faucet drips
  94. Need advice: removing bathtub plunger
  95. Any problems with this bathroom layout?
  96. Whistling Tub Faucet
  97. Shower heads, water pressure and usage Question
  98. Kohler Hourglass 30
  99. Help find a replacement handle/faceplate for Price Pfister Shower Valve.
  100. If you could choose...
  101. tub spout
  102. (another) Seeking bathtub choice advice (thread)
  103. short tub drain
  104. Is SERIN Bathtub by American Standard comfortable?
  105. Which is better for shower surround? Durock or Hardibacker?
  106. glass block in shower area
  107. Do you want to Raindance?
  108. Replacing Moentrol shower control
  109. possible to dry behind shower tiles?
  110. Looking for "short" tub filler
  111. Old tile floor under new tub?
  112. Americast tubs summary
  113. Moen Vertical Spa
  114. converting from 2 handle to 1 handle...
  115. No hot water from Moen shower faucet
  116. Crane tup spout won't turn
  117. Speakman Lavatory faucet trouble identifying valve stem.
  118. Price Pfister brass acrylic 3 handle shower. Can it be replaced with original?
  119. Freestanding bubble tub
  120. Any leads on how to find this backer plate?
  121. Tub sizing advice
  122. Copper drain pipe for tub
  123. Danco Replacement 80993 Question
  124. Banging pipe in shower
  125. Looking for old Price Pfister single handle cartridge
  126. lasko vs aquaglass vs hamilton
  127. Moen A7250RB Drop Ell pipe nipple length
  128. Need help identifying a Roman faucet, Price Pfister
  129. Any reason not to paint over water resistant drywall in shower?
  130. How to Replace a Delta Pull Down Diverter Tub Spout.
  131. "hammer arrestors" on tub/shower mixing valve & a question about PP 0x8 valves
  132. Help with I.D. of this shower faucet, for parts?
  133. Best grout sealant?
  134. NO hot water
  135. Help: Hear toilet flushing and smell poo through shower.
  136. Steam Shower
  137. Sub floor sequencing
  138. two showers whinning (or loud hum) on startup, then stop
  139. 60x30 cast iron tub with apron?
  140. Need Help identifying cartridge
  141. Spa Shower pressure..question?
  142. bathtub refinishing
  143. tiling the ceiling
  144. Sterling Ensemble how much mortar?
  145. Advice / Suggestions needed for handheld shower bar offset.
  146. From wall to wall it's 58 1/2" - Is this a 60" tub?
  147. Is there a California building code stipulating minimum distance from tub to toilet?
  148. tub fill faucet on a vertical wall
  149. Can someone ID this valve and help me fix it? Danze 5020-57
  150. Tub Surround Remodel Question/Concerns
  151. In MA plumbing code, is there something called the "barrel test" for shower interior?
  152. Tub Drain removal ?
  153. Best Caulk for Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth
  154. 1/2 inch Hardibacker with no vapor barrier ... oops
  155. Bathtub comparison
  156. I'm thinking about this tub..
  157. Shower faucet without plaster ground
  158. Bathtub drain - relocating
  159. Is replacing the Shower Pan the only way?
  160. Shower head & Sink fixture recommendations?
  161. Replacemnt stems hard to find in California
  162. Can I tile and/or install a mortar bed directly over polystyrene (solid) insulation?
  163. How can I stop noisy shower pan?
  164. Where are all the pages for this forum?
  165. Shower stall reviews?
  166. leveling a tub
  167. Pop-up stopper for a 2" drain Ell
  168. Shower head flow restrictor blocks all flow??
  169. Trip Lever for 1940's tub
  170. Chinese fixed their pipe threader for shower arms
  171. Need info on bathtubs, please.
  172. Building New Shower Pans
  173. Price Pfister shower stall handle
  174. 'Glass shower stall and drain on slab floor
  175. Can anyone tell me what brand of trim is compatible with this diverter valve?
  176. Can anyone tell me what brand of trim is compatible with this diverter valve?
  177. Tub Drain Layout Opinions
  178. Rectangular shower rod help, please.
  179. Who is giving out this online advice? Are they a worker or a salesman.
  180. Anyone used Mauicast steel/porcelain finish/insulated for sound tub by Bootzcast?
  181. replacing Moen bath/shower trim
  182. Slip Nuts vs. Welded PVC
  183. Shower drain problem
  184. 58" Bathtub?
  185. Need to replace shower head mount for slide bar
  186. Shower panel with filter?
  187. Delta Monitor 1800 dripping
  188. moving cast iron tub
  189. Securing Oatey 42213 tile drain
  190. Help Temporary Fixing Low Spot in Fiberglass Shower
  191. drywall over old plaster
  192. Another basement tub drain question
  193. elizabthan cllassics toilets and pedestal sinks
  194. Moen Cartridge U-shaped Pin Question
  195. Shower drains slowly
  196. Please help with Kohler K304 shower valve
  197. pressure balance valves, flow rate and pipe diameters
  198. Cannot remove shower valve stem - no bonnet nut, only threads?
  199. Help with identity of 3 valve shower diverter system
  200. clawfoot tub water supply - flex?
  201. Standard Bathtub Spout does not fit
  202. Best caulking for acrylic shower base
  203. Shower recommendations
  204. Silicone Coulping to PVC Male Adapter?
  205. What is this?
  206. Confused By Diverter Valve Instructions
  207. Bathtub Replacement -- Go with Corner Tub or 54" Tub?
  208. Pressure-balancing Moen shower-tub valve releasing hot water in the "cold" position
  209. remodeling basement shower
  210. Another clawfoot faucet question
  211. Kohler k-401 Mixing valve, Cartridge Repair or Replace?
  212. problem screwing new handle onto Moentrol valve body / cartridge
  213. Diverter valve (3-valve system) not turning as many revolutions as it used to.
  214. Why is there a slab under my shower?
  215. ID roman tub faucet?
  216. Fixing a Veritek shower pan installed without mortar bed?
  217. Tub Spout Height
  218. Rough Plumbing for Delta multiple shower heads in Tub/Shower?
  219. Cast Iron, Acrylic, Americast or Bootzcast?
  220. How's my plumber doing?
  221. pressure balancing loop for 4 sprays
  222. ASTM D3309 - why was it withdrawn?
  223. Help! Please..we are out of town
  224. Downstairs apt bath water flow noise
  225. Old American Standard bathtub/shower faucet leaking
  226. Plug for testing the pan liner in the shower base??
  227. Stuck set screw in Moen shower faucet
  228. Bathtub faucet leaking
  229. Shower basin cast into a new slab?
  230. Are there alternatives for a Neo-Angle Corner Shower?
  231. Anyone used Gerber valves and trim kits for home baths/shower?
  232. bathtub faucet turns on by itself
  233. Design, connecting shower and washing machine drain to the same sewer pipe.
  234. Indian guy needs some advice
  235. Question about setting tub in mortar bed
  236. Dripping Shower Head when tub is being filled!
  237. Shower/Tub loses pressure as hot water temp increases
  238. Delta Three-Handled Faucet
  239. bth and shower
  240. Water supply and pressure with Kohler Rite Temp valve.
  241. Tub cleaner
  242. Need help identifying sink fixtures.
  243. Installing Glass Shower Door and Fixed Panel
  244. new bathroom and laundry room being done by contractor
  245. Remote P Trap
  246. A "While I'm In There..." Question
  247. adjusting the shower head angle
  248. Replacing Shower and Tub Valve Set - Questions
  249. Tub molding
  250. Broken Valve stems, need to replace! Help!