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  1. Plumbing bathrooms and kitchen, UPC
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  13. How far from a window can a vent stack be? UPC Code
  14. UPC Code and wall mount sinks
  15. WC venting, UPC code
  16. Inspector wants full backflow preventer discharge handled by sanitary?
  17. Double San-T
  18. appliance gas shutoff valve accessible?
  19. Gas black pipe run?
  20. What is a six-unit trap?
  21. Taking my residential plumbing test in the near future...
  22. laundry drain size?
  23. mop sink peatrap for 3" drain ?
  24. Electric water heater location
  25. Plumbing 101 - Reduce main supply to 1/2"
  26. Eroded hole in older sink
  27. This gas line can't be up to code... right?
  28. ADA Curbless Showers in a Residence
  29. Two cesspools. I think the plumber messed this on up??
  30. Laundry Room Remodel Using Existing Vent
  31. locater
  32. Single Wall Boiler Vent - Combustibles Clearance
  33. W/C DFU question
  34. double soil pipe system to keep "grandfather clause"?
  35. Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Position
  36. directions fora UPC pics web site?
  37. Tankless + Tank Code Legal?
  38. Do I need to extend cleanout above floor?
  39. drain slope question - UPC
  40. Domestic water routed through stair
  41. Tee with left-hand inlet for kitchen?
  42. Permitting
  43. Best transtion(s) from 3" waste stack to 1 1/2" vent stack
  44. Washing Machine Draining Hose Question
  45. Watts 210
  46. 3" sanitary tee with dual side inlets
  47. Building garage over well water supply line
  48. Standard propane Water heater in a mobile home?
  49. Cleanouts
  50. How should I Plumb this utility sink to code
  51. Thermostatic cartridge identification
  52. Is my water lines up to code?