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  1. Is this setup correct for IPC 2009
  2. In mass. does oil tank outfitting go shuttoff, filters,osv,fireomatic copper
  3. Gas pipe (black) under high deck
  4. Framing Around Black Gas Pipe
  5. Combined Kitchen/Sanitary Venting in Chicago
  6. Dwv lines - toilet and bathroom sink
  7. Resaurant Sink Drains, did I screw up? ABS vs Copper
  8. Washer and sink drain questions
  9. DWV systems
  10. WC venting alternatives
  11. Copper stub outs for PEX installation in existing home (SE MI)
  12. Main drain depth exiting cottage for septic line connection
  13. What test is required to do plumbing in Harrisburg PA?
  14. Drain line in exterior wall?
  15. A few code questions
  16. Venting Question
  17. Natural Gas Supply Line
  18. Proper fitting to turn a stack horizontal below slab
  19. Shower valve requires?
  20. Fixing DWV in bathroom
  21. Moving bathroom to other side of my house ?
  22. Testing CPVC. How long should the pressure stay at initial PSI?
  23. Fitting for change in direction
  24. Hardwire to dishwasher
  25. Minnesota code for bathtub overflow drains
  26. illinois plumbing code vs uniform plumbing code
  27. Max length on flexible/braided faucet supply line?
  28. Recessed outlet Ice maker Box
  29. Adding a utility sink to a laundry room
  30. Toilet /shower DMV
  31. Laundry stack - can pipe size be reduced?
  32. Proper Way to Drain Condensate Discharge into Sewer Line
  33. adding bathroom, will vent pipes be large enough?
  34. ADA Wall hung
  35. Propane Tanks and Lot Line Setbacks
  36. Is this shower drain to code?
  37. Is this plumbing sytem properly vented?
  38. Moving Shower Vent
  39. Replacing one pressure balance valve means replacing all of them?
  40. Circuit venting question
  41. irrigation loops
  42. Help with interpretation of the New Jersey plumbing code.
  43. protection plates fdor pvc pipes in walls
  44. Drainage Vent Within Attic
  45. Cleanout installation code question
  46. Question about sink drain
  47. faucets with lead in them........
  48. Basement Bathroom Question
  49. Bathroom sink drain slope / trap questions
  50. Florida/General Pluming Code for Kitchen Sink Piping
  51. ky state plumbing code
  52. Main Vent or Stack Vent Required?
  53. Nat Gas Safety Shut Off??
  54. Natural gas line routing
  55. Arlington, Texas - Kitchen sink / disposal drain configuration - Compliant?
  56. Underground Natural Gas Piping?
  57. Wall mount shut offs and best practice
  58. run natural gas line for fire pit from house
  59. Dielectric unions
  60. Florida Plumbing Code app
  61. Distance From Rim Of Toilet To Obstruction - Does That Include The Arc Of The Door?
  62. simple venting question
  63. Sewer Camera Code Requirements?
  64. Is this S trap or P trap?
  65. I am a Canadian retired plumbing inspector there any American codes i can download ?
  66. 1/2" copper tee
  67. Dryer Vent Termination 3 Feet From Opening Into Building