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  1. My friend on TV tonight in Seattle, April 14 7:00 King 5
  2. Blood Pressure Question
  3. Swine Flue
  4. Senate bill fines people refusing health coverage
  5. Assignment for Sunday, I'm talking to you!
  6. Here I am...Kicking and Alive
  7. Food
  8. 8 Perfect Sleep-Better Foods
  9. Prescription card plan
  10. What's on your bucket list?
  11. Back Issues, continued.......
  12. Christmas Gift for health & wellness
  13. Colon Cancer, how much does it cost in America?
  14. So who's feelin good !
  15. Insurance
  16. Info on homeopathy
  17. Taxpayers Dollars to do research
  18. Ever heard of Zipfizz?
  19. Just a couple of days away
  20. Great Britian Socialized Medicine Going Broke, Fee's Proposed
  21. say a little prayer tonight
  22. Charlie gets a colonoscopy tonight on Two and a Half Men
  23. Recognizing a STROKE
  24. Evergreen Hospital Heart Health Dance
  25. Sinus Problems?
  26. I don't understand Ian / English / Britons Drinking
  27. Colon Cancer update, the week at the U of W Hospital
  28. Tv Show...
  29. Retirement / nursing homes
  30. Kindness goes a long way... further than you might think
  31. America gets the most Radiation in the World
  32. How often do you eat such unhealthy food as: chips, aerated water? And in general how
  33. Calistoga in drug trials for lymphoma and leukemia treatments
  34. Where are you going to spend your vacation? I love summer time!
  35. Painkiller information
  36. Grading Obama
  37. Man sprouts Peas in lungs
  38. Doctor Tests Brain Surgery To Treat Diabetes
  39. Neutrophil phagocytosis
  40. Michael Douglas
  41. A movie NOT to watch if you think...
  42. I guess this goes under health and wellness. . .?
  43. Should be criminal...no words are even necessary
  44. Fast food
  45. Happy Halloween!
  46. Obama in India
  47. Lipitor
  48. Free Movie Rentals, Redbox
  49. Free Coffee day at Brueggers 11/10
  50. Veteran's Day.
  51. Can you see it?
  52. Good news for some folks...:)
  53. Just when you think you can't laugh... the cat with the ruby lips
  54. This has got to make you smile!
  55. Happy Thanksgiving
  56. Little known facts?
  57. It can be hard keeping a straight face as a court reporter...
  58. The Ungobbled Gobbler
  59. Christmas Tree App Virus
  60. Crazy
  61. The Other Stall
  62. Redefining life as we know it!
  63. A Baby Girl needs your help...
  64. "Beep Beep"
  65. Baby Monitors & some other useful information about Rads
  66. A morning chuckle
  67. Is this for real? Yikes.
  68. Merry Christmas!
  69. Happy New Year!
  70. Executor Support in Vancouver
  71. The Best and Worst Jobs for 2011
  72. Tats
  73. How amazing is this?
  74. Toxic Tower finally comes to an end
  75. Season's over...
  76. Field of dreams became a nightmare
  77. Neighboring states gleeful over Ill. tax increase ( I wonder who will read this? :)
  78. I love this...
  79. A rejuvenating experience: Rasayana
  80. This has got to make you smile!
  81. What's the big deal about steeler football?
  82. OMG! McDonald's is not making enough of money!
  83. No words are necessary!
  84. Universal Laws
  85. What the heck Ian?
  86. Mark Sanchez wipes a WHAT? on Mark Brunell
  87. The Aging Process
  88. Just What Does Ian Gills Understand?
  89. I Don't Understand Why The Brits Think the "Crown Jewels" are such a BIG DEAL
  90. Sleep Apnea... something so serious
  91. A Haitian man faces life with new hope
  92. Life is Like Coffee... not for the weak to see
  93. Happy Birthday Terry Love!
  94. American's worst speed traps...
  95. For Music Lovers everywhere!
  96. Let me explain life to you.
  97. Leading Vaccines
  98. Is Taco Bell real meat?
  99. Paw Paw Fest!
  100. Show and Tell
  101. Softeners gave me high blood pressure
  102. Man, it happened
  103. Dryer is out
  104. Tell me what you think!
  105. How to design a upside down nuclear power plant certain to melt down...
  106. Ore. nudists fear being covered by strip club laws
  107. This is why...
  108. Cool very cool...
  109. I don't understand face masks in Japan
  110. I am back! cwhyu2
  111. Zoomies
  112. Would you buy this wallet?
  113. I got a new product I am selling.
  114. The Old Man and The Talking Frog
  115. Say Sionara to Sushi, Tuna, Shark, Salmon, compliments of Japan!
  116. Is the duck dead?
  117. Restaurant to retrain staff after mixed-drink mixup
  118. I loved this, lol. Reminds me of work.
  119. Extreme Couponing
  120. A Royal Jelly Bean!
  121. Free Mortgage
  122. Happy Palm Sunday!
  123. The Big one tomorrow.
  124. Democratic report: carcinogens injected into wells
  125. Activists save Chinese dogs from cooking pot
  126. How cute
  127. A new purpose for man's best friend
  128. Free cell phone?
  129. Yeah, baby...
  130. 3 power houses within the healing foods family for better health
  131. Trouble in paradise (UK)
  132. A Mother's Journal
  133. My word
  134. Teen Discovers Promising Cystic Fibrosis Treatment
  135. Harmon Killebrew ends fight vs cancer, moves to hospice
  136. Child Hunger Ends Here
  137. The Swiss people got it right.....
  138. Aftermath: World Without Oil
  139. Stephen Hawking says afterlife is a fairy story
  140. Military Channel/Discovery Channel
  141. So sweet...
  142. 30 Dumb Inventions
  143. A Health Message
  144. My day at work
  145. 10 things you should know about exercise
  146. Remember our Vets
  147. Why can't humans learn from this
  148. WOW it pays to be an animal lover
  149. The Mountain on Vimeo
  150. Hypertension is more widespread than previously thought
  151. Lest your forget
  152. If you want to have alittle fun...
  153. Annoying Redundant Phrases and Acronyms
  154. Arizona Fires
  155. used up one of my 9 lives this weekend.....
  156. The Dangers of Ibruprofen and NSAIDS
  157. SAIL - Strategies & Actions for Independent Living
  158. Casey!
  159. It's Time to End the War on Salt
  160. Howie Mandel: Coping with Symptoms of OCD and ADHD
  161. Somalis dying in world's worst famine in 20 years
  162. The Cancer You Can Beat Today
  163. A New and Better Website - A Must See
  164. Plumber finds hidden camera in Starbucks bathroom
  165. 150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs:
  166. Best news I have heard yet
  167. Lord of the Flies! the real deal
  168. Thanks to those who donated for Emmy to see
  169. Birth Control pills for cats
  170. Researchers say They've Found Common Cause of All Types of ALS
  171. Measles cases up; Brit to blame
  172. Men's Health/ 5 Nutrients you probably are not getting enough of
  173. New job-creation
  174. Trip back in Time...This is amazing.
  175. I am the luckiest person in the world
  176. Read at your own risk
  177. Otters Return to English Countryside
  178. Entitlement my a.s.s.
  179. Pat Boone
  180. The Hell I Can't!
  181. Should hospitals and doctors have this right?
  182. Car buying question
  183. A dream
  184. Silent Heart attacks & four things that happen right before, could save your life!
  185. WOW, what a movie!
  186. I am here
  187. Health care: a new civil-rights movement?
  188. Country comparisons
  189. Mind, Body and Spirit (your recipe for well being and health)
  190. Long Island Medium
  191. New Job
  192. Yeti proof he is alive
  193. Cliff Collapse
  194. A new use for underwear
  195. Was there a supposed learning lesson in this?
  196. Kids are amazing!
  197. I love Alfie!
  198. 100 year old marathoner finishes race!
  199. 1 in 6 cellphones... contaminated
  200. For Widows and Widowers...
  201. Two Elephants reunited after 20 years...
  202. Good phone manners
  203. So, this is how you get an apology, I never knew, LOL
  204. The solution?
  205. Blind Cat Rescue
  206. Just for fun
  207. Snowman
  208. This will make you smile
  209. Chnese lead
  210. New to this forum
  211. What is the cause of butt acnes and how can you prevent it?
  212. Has anyone noticed this on the deers?
  213. What an amazing man.
  214. ATM Snake
  215. Do you think they should do away with Black Friday?
  216. Colon Cancer update November 2011
  217. Happy Birthday Gary!
  218. Great Healthy Dessert Recipes
  219. Arsenic found in Juice
  220. Grea Weight Loss Results
  221. Vibrating Cellphone Syndrome and Ringxiety
  222. Treadmill or Elliptical trainer?
  223. Question Regarding Mental Health
  224. Treatment on Aids
  225. Angels in the Mist...
  226. No neti pot useage is safe
  227. 50 Facts About The U.S. Economy That Will Shock You
  228. Do you believe in Angels or God, he did...
  229. Question about headlights
  230. The Nightmare bear with evil eyes
  231. One Minute Cure
  232. Methadone, Saving millions but costing lives
  233. Light Therapy
  234. This is to me, true mental illness
  235. Tissue holders???
  236. Pressing question on a Ford Van
  237. Wedding Bells
  238. ...and, what would you do? lol.
  239. 24 million accounts hacked!
  240. 5 Wacky Things for your health!
  241. Snowmageddon
  242. An Amazing moment
  243. Pulled muscle
  244. What is the worst Valentine's gift you ever bought your sweetheart?
  245. Smooching is dangerous lol.
  246. Who knew this?
  247. Exploding cigarettes!
  248. Is this a million dollar law suit?
  249. Happy Birthday Terry Love!
  250. Busing driving in England/Moment of Madness