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  1. air gap built into Fleck 7000 drain?
  2. Fleck 7000 questions
  3. SST-60 Resin, Reducing salt, removing manganese and iron
  4. New guy. need help filtering iron. Screwed up my birm filter.
  5. Normal Softner Servicing?
  6. In Nh. friend with radon. needs water filter for radon
  7. Las Vegas Water Softener Selection
  8. Water Test - Iron Symptoms but no Iron
  9. Culligan N8 Custom Replacement
  10. Water Softener Advice
  11. 3 companies came to do tests, please advise on which softener
  12. Softener not softening?
  13. which water softener
  14. how do i adjust softener after loosing resin
  15. 7000SXT "stuck"
  16. Water Softener and RO Recommendation
  17. Clack Retention Tank Problem
  18. Is salt bridging mostly theoretical?
  19. Advice on which size softener
  20. completely overwhelmed
  21. Autotrol 460i problem
  22. days remaining Fleck 7000SXT?
  23. variable bringing
  24. Fleck 5600sxt, time change?
  25. culligan estate 2 water softner not working properly??
  26. Review of the new...Fleck 5800 valve
  27. Can I take a shower or use water during regeneration?
  28. Gary's "trick" and how effective is Iron Out?
  29. how to convert up flow AN to down flow
  30. New Filtration System Build
  31. Water softener Controller Bangs/Sloshes when well Shuts off
  32. Autotrol Iron Filter Problem
  33. ws-1 clack
  34. Filtered Well Water Overall Drinkability?
  35. Iron out question
  36. Good resin brands?
  37. System in new house
  38. Configuring a softener to a different size.
  39. Salt Dosage and Fleck 6700XTR, or any head for that matter
  40. New Whole house filtration
  41. routine maintenance, is cleaning of softener resin advisable?
  42. flow test after new softener
  43. Fleck Pentair 5800LXT first review
  44. Sour smell on laundry
  45. New boiler/indirect tank confusing water softener?
  46. Tannan issues two water softners ?????
  47. Tannin issues two water softners?? Sorry my first post is blank, don't know why.
  48. IE filter for Arsenic and Nitrates
  49. New Fleck 5600 - HELP!
  50. Iron and low Ph problem
  51. Need help identifying make and model of controller unit for troubleshooting
  52. New system setup, iron softener with KDF
  53. Iron Remover/Water Softener redesign
  54. Where to buy resin locally?
  55. Water Softener & Options Recommendations
  56. No regeneration?
  57. Bamboo Charcoal for filtration
  58. Waterboss finally puked....maybe?
  59. Difference in resin?
  60. My new Fleck 7000sxt
  61. 7000SXT 1.05" vs 32mm distributor pipe
  62. Programming a Fleck 7000 and Sanitizing
  63. Morton water softener
  64. Iron staining, Sulfur smell, water options
  65. Planning / Installing new softener, couple of quick questions
  66. Sediment filter questions
  67. Iron Bacteria
  68. Water softener problem, elevated copper in drinking water
  69. 2 questions
  70. clay in water. please help
  71. Hose-bib circuit between pressure tank and BIRM filter
  72. iron removal well water
  73. iron removal well water
  74. Got a Clack today - 2 questions so far
  75. Little iron still in water after brand new Softener installed
  76. Fleck 2500 control valve and help with softener maintenance
  77. valve between hose bib supply - softened and untreated
  78. Is the sizing on this OK and any comments on Aqua-pure softeners
  79. A couple of questions-- Fleck 7000
  80. Need advice for iron filter
  81. New Whole House Carbon Filter & Water Softener
  82. iron removal method question
  83. Fleck 7000SXT 32k Noise Troubleshooting and Programming
  84. Program help w/ Fleck 7000SXT as BW filter only
  85. I could use some input on my water softener situation.
  86. Clack WS1 type softener-no suction-have tried "everything"
  87. Kinetico Model 60 won't draw
  88. Tank fills up...
  89. Water softener startup
  90. Culligan Mark 100 needs repair
  91. Resin found in the drain discharge
  92. Culligan Ironcleer System failure
  93. Culligan water softener part # 01016351 leaking
  94. Mark 100 problem?
  95. On the horizon -
  96. 3/4 Inch Water Supply, 1 Inch Water Softner???
  97. New reverse osmosis system. Flow rate seems low. Please advise
  98. Canature Brand Brim Filter - Alternatives?
  99. Rain Soft Not Softening
  100. H2S, carbon and air input needed
  101. Sulpher Egg Smell from new Carbon Tank System?!?!?!?!
  102. Rapid Decrease In Water Pressure After Softener
  103. Water softener sizing and system selection?
  104. Isolating KDF-85 into another tank????
  105. New GE water softener not softening, the GPH meter is going full cycle in seconds
  106. Iron Filter/Water Softener need advice
  107. new softener question
  108. Buying a used water softener - bad idea?
  109. Softener discharge line... where to dump it?
  110. Salty Water - But only the HOT water ???
  111. Clack WS-1 stuck on "regen today"
  112. Where is the smell coming from??????
  113. how much carbon in 10 X 54 tank?
  114. Dumb water softener question, why does increasing the salt level lenthten regen time
  115. backwash Mangox filter from storage tank instead of well?
  116. an electronic way to test my water hardness using sodium instead of salt
  117. WS-1 with Hard Water and High Brine Level.
  118. Drain for Softener
  119. Which of These Two Softeners Would You Use?
  120. WSI-CI Clack Valve
  121. Iron, H2S, and other Problems with Existing Well Water Treatment System
  122. How do I remove BLFC from Fleck 6700XTR head?
  123. Fleck 6700XTR cycles seem incorrect
  124. Brand new Softener was working great not it's not. Any ideas
  125. Best place to buy Hach 5-B hardness test kit
  126. What is the best water softener....
  127. 1" PEX or 1" PVC when hooking up new softener?
  128. what size water softener should I get (twin,single, etc...) ?
  129. KDF Application
  130. media guard kdf 55 good or bad?
  131. Resin replacement mesh size
  132. WQA Books, DVD and Carl Davidson Video and Autotrol leftovers for sale ...
  133. Anyway to clean iron from inside of softener/resin?
  134. Can I replace the entire valve control on a Culligan mark 812?
  135. Water softner flowing backwards.
  136. hard water breakthrough on new system
  137. Help with Culligan Silver Series
  138. Need advice! New softener needed. Possible ripoff?
  139. water softener line clogged
  140. Iron Filter / Water Softener - how to choose
  141. Kinetico Model 60 Issue with Softness
  142. Time for softener/neutralizer system
  143. Clack Drain line constant drip
  144. Brown water morning after regeneration cycle
  145. Programming an 5600SXT for maximum effenciency
  146. Autotrol Performa Valve with a 460i control
  147. Gary Slusser and your webpage to determine efficiency settings idea.
  148. Clack WS1 Not Softening
  149. Help Turning on My Softener
  150. New water softener system awaiting installation, few questions.
  151. Culligan Medalist (8in) Settings - Too Many Regens
  152. Culligan Water Softener
  153. Fleck 5600SXT meter control valve questions.
  154. Cleaned the brine tank, Now no soft water?
  155. datasheet for Carbochem CA-10 resin?
  156. Fleck 7000 Variable Brining - Awesome?
  157. RO unit TDS ---- and yes the question is tied to a SOFTENER
  158. Ultra filtration systems
  159. Please help size water softener / carbon filter
  160. Water Softener RESERVE setting - a misnomer ?
  161. culligan estate 2 problems... water not soft
  162. How A Reverse Osmosis Permeate Pump Works
  163. 7000SXT rebuild tutorial
  164. Purchasing new softener + GAC - help sizing and general advice?
  165. salt concentration for 27 GPG hardness
  166. Iron and Hardness test kit suggestions
  167. Culligan shut off valve
  168. Clack WS1 Tutorial
  169. Culligan Mark 100 Stopped in Regenerant Draw Position
  170. Ionics IQ-0820 Softener -- Replace Resin without Hygene?
  171. small reverse osmosis sytem re-filter and permeate pump upgrade
  172. I did it, ordered some POU shower filters!
  173. 5000 ProFlo rebuild tutorial
  174. Rotten Egg Smell in Water
  175. Salty taste to water
  176. Water Softener Settings & Salt/Brine Grid Question.
  177. 7000SXT water softner system not working
  178. Over conservative salt efficiency and regeneration settings from old pros here!
  179. New fleck 7000 sxt questions
  180. Centaur Carbon Filter ?'s
  181. Recommendations on Acid Neutralizers
  182. GE GXSF40H Brine tank overflowing
  183. Template Assisted Crystals (TAC) Water Softeners
  184. Culligan Sulfur-Cleer Not Regenerating
  185. Bought home, need help with water softener
  186. Filox Iron Filter Installation Question
  187. whole house water filter
  188. AquaPure AWS200M brine tank refill?
  189. Need Help for setting up Fleck 2900S and Noise solution.
  190. fleck 5600 econominder
  191. Water softener buzz
  192. Problems with water softener, Kenmore
  193. Dead Culligan Estate 2 - How to remove & what's next?
  194. Fleck 5600/Foregin Pieces in Cylinder
  195. Culligan water softner continually recharges!
  196. Water Filtration Education
  197. Odd: Potassium Taste
  198. 750 gallons between regen cycles?
  199. GE Smartwater Softner
  200. Water Softener Drain Line
  201. Culligan Super S not pulling bleach
  202. Northstar - no soft water, replaced seals and rotor, about ready to give up
  203. Kinetico 2060 Water Softner
  204. Culligan Estate 2 not working automatically
  205. softner problems
  206. Odd Fleck 7000SXT configuration possible?
  207. Time for a new water softener system.
  208. "found a kinetico"
  209. Fleck valve questions
  210. Autotrol 255/440i water low flow and brine tank backing up
  211. Question on Fleck 7000 water softener 64k grin
  212. Need help in programming Fleck 7000sxt.
  213. Revisiting Water system and ready to buy. Please help with final decision
  214. no soft water
  215. Won't stop regenerating! Kinetico 2100 FOD filter head
  216. HELP - No Experience with Water Softeners
  217. Kenmore Series 300 Water Softener Float Valve assembly
  218. Installing new water treatment system
  219. Disadvantage to Over-sized Softener?
  220. At wits end with new Fleck 7000 stx!
  221. How to empty water softener? (Kenmore deluxe demand water softener 625)
  222. Fleck 7000 Installation Questions
  223. Fleck 7000SXT Carbon Filter - Extremely Loud Backwash & Rinse
  224. New well, professional water analysis ... need advice!
  225. Rainsoft AQB Series E
  226. Problem with neutralizer backwash cycle causing water overflow and spillage
  227. 7000sxt - Sizing For Now vs Sizing For the Future?? Rapidly Growing Family
  228. New 7000 SXT. Not sure about it.
  229. Testing Fleck 7000 flow meter advice?
  230. Well / Pond water system design
  231. Sizing on fleck 5600 softener
  232. sink tailpiece with bung for RO filter brine water. Quiet.
  233. Kenmore Ultra Soft 400 err 1 and major leaking
  234. Water Softener, I'm learning but still a bit confused....
  235. What softener do you recommend?
  236. Kenmore water softener problem; repair or replace?
  237. Can someone help me determine my needs?
  238. water softener continuously runs to drain ECR 3500 Ecowater
  239. New Clack Based Water Softener Not Pulling Brine on Recharge
  240. How Best to Replace Media (Birm) in Filter
  241. Adjusting BIRM Backwash Cycle for Well-Limited Water Flow
  242. Culligan medallist --high water ph after backwash
  243. Moving Into New House Need Advice
  244. Need help with picking the correct softener
  245. Help with Culligan Gold Series Metered 9" WS float
  246. Water softener choice
  247. Building a tannin filter
  248. fine mesh resin in 23 year old softener-problems!
  249. Newbie Looking for Softener: Where to start?
  250. Well water issues help